Week 34 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

We are finally back from our two week road trip … what a blast Hubby and I had! I think it’s what we both needed …

All I can say is I CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK TO NASHVILLE!!!!! But it is so good to be back home!

Sonny Boy headed back to Orlando for school. So we can get back to the real way of eating (seafood stuff) … AND we are now entering week 10 of the unemployment adventures. I will need to really crack down on spending as that great city we stayed in for 3 days was a little on the expensive side. (well, it wouldn’t have been, EXCEPT we did quite a bit of bar hopping) … so I need to try and be conservative with the grocery shopping. Of course, I have NO idea what’s in the freezers and pantry as I told Sonny Boy to grab anything and everything he desired to take back with him … but do know that we have some snapper, shrimp and mahi mahi … and since we are now in Week 10 of the Unemployment Phase, I am very focused on using what we have …

So here’s how the week is looking:

Sunday – Nashville still … we went to a great little place called The Tavern … O M G … I wanted to snag the menu and bring it home to try a bunch of the stuff!!

Monday – Ocala – Sister In Law had her boyfriend make us some fried fish with stuff he just caught on Sunday … it was good and makes me want to start fishing AGAIN!

Tuesday – home, sweet home!! Will most likely need to make a quick stop at the grocery store and really need to get on track … grillin some chicken breast (freezer) that I will marinate in Caesar dressing and serve a side salad with some Olivey Garden Dressing

Wednesday – Bangin Shrimp – everything in freezers/pantry … will pick up a bag of coleslaw mix from store on Tuesday

Thursday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad – all in freezer, greens picked up Tuesday

Friday – Chillin and Grillin …¬†Sausage and Peppers (sausage is in fridge, peppers are too, along with onions … may need to get some bread and cheese

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … still aiming to try that snapper recipe we had at the cooking class back in MAY!

Not a whole lot of anything exciting going on, as you can see … but that’s what happens when you come out of vacation mode!

What are YOU making this week??

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3 thoughts on “Week 34 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. EKKK You were sooo close to me on Monday! LOL


  2. Giggle … it was brutally hot and the rain showers about drove us off the road!


  3. Welcome to Ocala! LOL Everyday around 4pm a rainstorm. Lately they have been super bad.


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