Weekly Shopping – August 25 to August 31

I was pretty busy at work this last week and managed to stay out of the stores … I only had TWO shopping trips this week, both on Saturday, Publix and Whole Foods.

Oh. And I did hit up the liquor store … $70 roughly … bottle of Tito’s Vodka, bottle of Knob Creek Bourbon, 9 pack of Coors Bullets and some margarita mix … because we were having a bbq/pool party that suddenly had way more people showing up that I anticipated!

Here’s what I got a Publix:
3 lb bag of yellow onions $2.99
Romano wedge of cheese x 2 $2.00 each
2 bottles of rice wine vinegar $3.49 each (didn’t realize they were that expensive)
4 cans of chopped clams $1.50 each (Hubby’s request for a new recipe he wants to try)
2 pkgs of feta cheese $5.39 total (b1g1f)
2 containers sour cream $2.59 total (b1g1f)
2 jars of hamburger dill pickles $2.99 total (b1g1f)
Ribeye steak $7.91
Ribeye steak $13.50
Ribeye steak $12.54
(these were $7.99/lb)
Chicken breast, bone in $4.73, less $2 coupon
Chicken breast, bone in $4.32, less $2 coupon
3 cans baked beans, $5 total
bottle of dried dill $5.39 (yikes!)
bottle of dried rosemary $1.79
2 8oz pkgs of sliced shrooms $1.79 each
Bottle of orange juice $3.00 (major vent here, why the heck is it near impossible to find REGULAR Orange Juice that’s not filled with extra calcium, whatever??)
Gallon of 2% milk $3.99 (really? I didn’t see that price!)
2 pkgs of shredded cheddar cheese $5 total
2 bottles of sweet chili sauce $2.99 each
container of fresh mint $2.69
2 pkgs of chocolate chip cookies $3.59 total (b1g1f) less $1 coupon
2 jars of Hellmans mayo $5.41 total (b1g1f) less $2 coupon
2 bags of chips $4.29 total (b1g1f)
2 bags of pretzel rods $6 total
1 dozen eggs $3.00

I was able to use 4 $5 off $30 purchase (I love those coupons!) so my grand total was $106.03.

Then it was off to Whole Foods:
3 cucumbers 79cents each
1.38 lbs of red peppers $3.99/lb $5.51 (whew)
coconut milk $3.99 (refrigerated kind)
coconut milk yogurt $3.50
almond milk $3.39
pot of organic basil $4.99
pot of organic parsley $4.99
pot of organic cilantro $4.99
3 Pink Crips apples $3.24
2.71 lbs of red grapes $6.75
whole seedless watermelon $5.00

Grand total $48.72

I spent way more than I anticipated, that’s for sure!

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