Weekly Shopping – September 1st to September 7th

I really needed to stay focused and on track this week and follow through to the end of the month … here’s how it’s starting out!

9/1/13 a last minute bbq/pool party with about 10 more people rsvp’ing than anticipated required a quick run to Publix:

Hamburger buns $3.29
Hot dog buns $3.29
(less $1.50 coupon)
celery sticks $2.50
packet of chives $2.69
baby carrots $1.79
2 pkgs of coleslaw mix $1.69 each
box of sea shell pasta $1.59
2 9pks of Coors Bullet $9.99 each
2 6pks of mini Coronas (smaller bottles) $6.49 each

Used a $5 off $30 coupon and spent $45.67

And then …

NOTHING! I am so proud of myself and thoroughly impressed that I didn’t even feel the need to stop at the store ONCE! And we still have plenty of stuff left in the fridge/freezers/pantry so I’m going to hold off til mid-week and then head off to Costco … or maybe just Publix.

I had picked up a juicer for $199 less 20% last week … that was returned on Thursday. I mean, seriously. I have a Vitamix … it might not JUICE but it certainly pulverizes stuff to liquid … making do with what we have … I suppose. Not to mention, I shouldn’t be spending money frivolously right now, you know?

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