Today is 9/11

All those years ago … yet I can still vividly remember flipping to CNN to try and catch a special about a naval ship that a sailor I was doing an Ebay transaction with was going to be featured …

And thinking to myself, what kind of movie clip are they showing, only because I had the TV on mute …

The horror … the unwillingness to walk away from something so tragic … to turn off the TV. Staring at the screen with tears streaming down my cheeks, not even bothering to wipe the running mascara away.

The days following that fateful event will also forever be ingrained in my mind.

The spirit of the American people, more than anything. That we are strong. That we love our country.

And the nerve that someone has dared to do this to us, on our own land.

And now, the following 12 years have been spent at war, with one country, or another, and now, possibly a new country is in the works.

The fact that those college freshmen entering school this year, they were just starting their first year the day this tragedy happened. That they know nothing but our military fighting for another country’s Freedom, one way or another.

Hopefully, everyone will remember that Freedom does NOT come for free. Sometimes you must fight for what you believe in.

*This is not supposed to be a political post … just simply me saying that I am very proud to be an American and wish all countries could experience the level of Freedom we experience. I do not necessarily believe in going to war and fighting another country’s battles, but I do believe that we should help those in need if their government can not … Syria? Totally against.*

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