Week 39 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Entering Week 15 of Hubby’s Unemployment Journey … This week we need to finalize the new insurance with Florida Blue … I have to take 20 minutes of quiet time (AKA private time) to call them so they can do a phone screen on me. In other words, ask me, how it’s possible that a 49 year old woman takes NO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. I’m curious to see if anything comes up on the false reading (IMO) for Lupus or other inflammatory issues, arthritis, etc. Did you know that there is a database of sorts that insurance companies can go review your past history? Does that rub anyone else the wrong way? I mean, seriously? I have issues with that!

Managed to get to the eye doctor last week. He suggested readers at 1.25 … then asked if I’d ever considered contacts. Really? That’s when I realized it was all about money. Good grief.

We also met with our financial girl about doing a monthly draw til Hubby gets a paycheck again. Not a lot, but enough to see us through with the mortgage, Sonny Boy’s rent, and a few miscellaneous things. I can pay for all the utilities, insurance, food and gas, but there are a few big things that Hubby has always taken care of … and plans to continue.  Apparently it’s time to start crunching … Hubby apparently wants to keep this as stress free as possible. That alone was a little stressful, knowing that we are going to tap into some of our investment stuff to move forward.

It’s definitely time to redo the budget. I see that now, on this fine Monday morning. Uggg. It has put me in a foul mood as much as I hate to admit it. Must be some PMS stuff going on too … has to be!

I can’t believe it’s Fall … that means the pool time in winding down … we’ve been making it a point to go in a few times a week after I get home from work (usually with a few ice cold beers from the freezer) … I was just saying yesterday that come October 1st, it’s going to be a little cool for fun anymore … that makes me sad.

Sonny Boy was here from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. Which meant I felt the need to do a Costco shop (!) for a few things. Spent $326. Can’t give a break down because I washed the receipt in a pair of black corduroy pants. Do you know what that does to the pants? Lots and lots of linty stuff to be picked off. Uggg. But I did take a pic!

That’s a lot of food and a crappy picture … I can’t figure out the new Windows 8 to work on pictures. (did I mention that I’m in a foul mood??) There’s about 20 lbs of b/s chicken breast there as they had a sale of $4 off any package. I passed it up last time as its $2.99 a pound, not a good deal, but with the $4 off, better, and I had none.

Here’s what we are looking forward to having this week:

Sunday – Princess and Boyfriend hosted a Taco night … they made (I had a salad)

Monday – Chicken Caesar Salad (no pasta)

Tuesday – Soup and salad night … Hubby has a new clam chowder recipe he wants to try

Wednesday – Chicken Ravioli (right there in the middle of that picture) with olive oil

Thursday – If I can get home early enough, I’d like to make some Tuscan Garlic Chicken as it’s been a while and I’m sure my spinach will be taking a stroll south …

Friday – Chicken and Veggies …

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … I’m thinking we have some friends coming in town this week so I’m sure we will have guests over … fun!

Yeah, I know, it looks a little heavy on chicken this week, doesn’t it? But that’s ok … I have A LOT now to eat AND the scale has not been to kind lately 😉

What are you cooking this week??

Looking forward to linking up with these great blog hops … go check them out! Menu Plan Monday, Pinning and Planning, Menu Plan

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3 thoughts on “Week 39 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Good Luck …hope your husband finds a job quickly…been there done that…we used investments to survive as well…prayers and positive thoughts coming your way.


  2. Hope your husband finds a job quickly…we went through this is late 2008 and most of 2009. We used investments also to survive…but things are better today. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.


  3. Thanks Terry … I'm thankful that we have the investments to use if things go too long … appreciate your prayers and thoughts 🙂


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