Week 40 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

AND … entering Week 16 of Hubby’s unemployment.


It’s ok. Really. It is. Just NOW a little nervy, that’s all … but it will be just fine.

This past week shopping wasn’t so very bad … my dad was taken to the hospital on Tuesday morning for chest pains and shortness of breath. Umm, dad, you’ve had that cough, and yes, even the doctor agrees, the pain is most likely from coughing. They kept him and he gets to go home today, almost a whole week later. Want to know why they kept him?? Because he was given breathing treatments to loosen up the phlegm in his THROAT which has steroids, which caused his blood sugar to go sky high.

How HIGH you ask?

One reading was 621. Um. Hello. That’s considered quite dangerous. So he got a few of them treatments and then they had to switch him out to something else. I suppose if that’s going to happen, probably not a better place to be than in a hospital, right?

Back to the shopping … Whole Foods on Tuesday for $14.xx, Publix on Friday (boat trip that night planned) $38.xx and THEN Costco on Saturday for $198. I wanted to get more coffee before the coupon expired PLUS we were having friends over for dinner and a few things I needed were best to get from Costco, as opposed to Publix (salad stuff, fresh green beans, etc.) I will put up the breakdown for Costco either this evening or tomorrow morning.

So here’s what I’m planning for the week:

Sunday – left over clam chowder and yummy bread (Hubby made this soup Saturday, to DIE FOR) … recipe coming soon

Monday – Hubby made some mahi mahi in the cast iron skillet with some rice and veggies. Fish was from freezer, as was the rice, you know, them cheater bags that you just nuke for a few minutes? Yes.

Tuesday – I have a hair apt at 7pm. Uggg. Going to suggest Hubby cook a few chicken breast on the grill to eat with the leftover green beans (chicken from freezer, green beans leftover from Saturday)

Wednesday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad (chicken, bacon in freezer, salad stuff in fridge)

Thursday –  Italian Beef (in crockpot) sliders (beef in freezer, hot peppers in pantry, will use king hawaiian rolls from Costco, cheese in fridge)

Friday – most likely will have company tonight and tomorrow night … chicken and veggies on the grill (chicken in freezer, veggies in fridge/pantry)

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … going to push for burgers with this new awesome mushroom and blue cheese stuff we came up with, IF the weather is good, if not, will see if he wants to do pretzel chicken (his recipe, and yummy) (chicken in freezer, pretzels in pantry)

*Just a note on the fish … Costco sells 3 lb bags of mahi mahi for $13.99. They are excellent cut and cleaned and we are on our 4th bag and not once, have we been disappointed. Well worth the money, which, actually, is pretty cheap for a good fish. Heck, I pay more than that for decent ribeyes!

And … what are YOU cooking this week??

Looking forward to linking up with these great blog hops … go check them out! Menu Plan Monday, Pinning and Planning, Menu Plan

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2 thoughts on “Week 40 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. I hope that your dad gets well soon. Sounds like some delicious meals this week.


  2. Thank you … luckily, he was released on Monday and seems to be doing good 🙂


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