Weekly Shopping – October 13th – 19th

It’s been a few weeks since I gave a breakdown on the shopping trips … you know, busy, life, etc. 🙂  I also just realized that I had the previous weeks dates … ooops!

I was out two days this week … and Hubby fended for himself. How? The easiest way possible, he went to his favorite Italian restaurant, sat at the bar and had mommas sauce with a side of garlic rolls … I’m pretty proud of him, actually 🙂

So, I ended up running to the store at 3pm on Saturday afternoon … not because we NEEDED anything, but Hubby had requested bone in, skin on chicken … and since Sonny Boy was here for dinner with a few friends, I said, of course I’ll run to the store.

Bad idea!

First stop was Target … I had these 50 cents off coupons for eggs, but they were NOT $1.59 like a certain website said, the organic eggs were $3.59 … even with 50 cents off, out of my price range so I passed. However, then I saw $3 off coupons on the chicken thighs and thought BINGO! Nope, it was boneless skinless. I still picked up 4 packages (there was a lot more there) which came to $3.99 for 28 ounces. Not a bad price at all for that … I passed up the premade burgers and chicken breast they had the same way ($1 off) as it wasn’t that great of a deal … total spent $15.96.

Then to Publix… the place was mobbed (it’s been a while since I’ve shopped in the afternoon) … had a list … stuck with it for the most part and picked up:
6canned diced potatoes (this is Hubby’s latest craze) $1 each with a $1 off 3 coupon
2 boxes frozen spinach $1.35 each (for spinach dip)
2 pkgs burger buns, b1g1f, total of  $3.29
12 pk Coors Light $10.09
pkg of chicken thighs $7.20 ($1.79/lb)
pkg of chicken drum sticks $8.45 ($1.79/lb)
grape jelly (for dad) $2.59
salsa $3.99
sour cream $2.35
half and half $2.49
2 containers guacamole b1g1f $5.49 total (ok, I didn’t see it was that much otherwise I would have bypassed it)
2 red peppers $3.21 (yikes!)
1 lb bag of shredded cheddar cheese $4.99 less $1
2 boxes of cheese its b1g1f $4.29
2 bags of Tostitos chips $3 each
1 green onion 60 cents

Total spent $61.93 (I had 2 $5 off $30 I used too)

THEN … off to Whole Foods
6 pk Pumpkin Head beer $9.49
bananas $2.49
mango/coconut/sweet pepper sauce $6.49
almond milk $3.99
Honey crisp apples (the real deal!) $6.22
3 naval oranges $3.75
3 lemons $2.67
green onions $1.49 (they looked way better than Publix)

Total spent $37.16

Weekly total with my fuzzy math (sans calculator) approximately $115.00. Way less than my allowed $150 which I realize is extremely generous. To the point where I’m re-evaluating that … thinking that maybe, just maybe, we should make November a Severely Restricted Spending Month to really force me to clear out the freezers!

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