Week 43 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Week 19 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures.

Yes. It’s getting a little wiggy around here.

I’ll just keep making these yummy Cinnamon Roll Smoothies and pretend all is well in Paradise

Grocery shopping would have been fairly minimal this past week on my side … Hubby stopped at a little gourmet Italian market, only because he REFUSES to give up the favorite things in his life, good food. I don’t believe he spent more than $20 but still, I spent about $115  😉

I had to do a run on Saturday and stayed very conscientious on prices and what we really needed…this week I will stay even more focused, I promise.

Hubby made a whole slew of chicken on Saturday night so we will be chicken heavy a few nights, along with a few extra burgers that were patted out but not cooked.

Sunday – leftover bbq chicken with spinach dip on the side. Odd, I know but still yummy

Monday – Bacon blue cheese burgers that Hubby made in the cast iron skillet

Tuesday – walk night with Chatty … will have leftover chicken. I will opt to do a chopped chicken salad … found a new recipe that I’m kind of diggin at the moment so will need to post that!

Wednesday – trying to convince Hubby to make Salisbury Steaks (sort of) with the last remaining burgers … it’s his call tonight

Thursday – oh my word, I hope the leftovers are GONE and we can do soup and salad as it’s our first cold front of the season … woohoo! Umm, sorry, canned soup most likely

Friday – Hubby’s call … I’m guessing we need to dig out some pork chops or something … also, friends most likely will be over as it’s Fantasy Fest time and we have friends that come through at this time …

Saturday – this is my 24th Anniversary … and also so stinkin close to Halloween, my FAVORITE holiday … IF it’s just us, ribeyes from the freezer with asparagus (need to buy if worthy) with sautéed shrooms.

I know, not a very exciting week but I’m ok with that! We need to start getting focused and I’m seriously considering going on a Severely Restricted Spending month in November. I do have 2 turkey breasts in the freezer that we can use for Thanksgiving, PLUS Hubby still has a $25 Honey Baked Ham gift card … but that might be kept for the New Years festivities … scary that I’m thinking that far in advance, isn’t it?

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Week 43 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Just found your blog and am loving it! I can relate to a LOT of what you talk about…being frugal, shopping at Costco, crockpot cookery, having a husband at home (mine's retired). Keep up the good work!Karen from North Florida(ps: had to rewrite this because my first message disappeared when I logged in…if two happen to show up, please delete one…thanks)


  2. Hoping that cold front is cooler up there in North Florida … we are just getting it today, so they say … high of 83 … makes me want to make some soup 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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