Weekly Shopping – October 20th to October 26th

I’m very upset. Publix has suddenly changed their coupon policy. Only one $5 off $30 coupon per person/transaction.

I had $61 worth of stuff. Handed over my coupons and the 2 $5 off $30. The cashier didn’t say anything, but when I looked at the screen, I asked if she got both $5. That’s when she informed me that they no longer accepted more than one. My first thought was: “when are you going to hand that other one back to me” and then “when were you going to tell me?”.  So I said, fine, we can split up the order (it was Tuesday night, 7pm, store was not busy or anything) and the bag girl said they wouldn’t allow that either.

Know what I did? Went to the customer service desk, inquired if this was indeed true, and then proceeded to return $26 worth of stuff. Sorry. Had I known that, I would NOT have purchased $60 worth of stuff that night. Trust me, the last thing I want to do is make a scene at my favorite grocery store.

So … this weeks spending was very minimal: $24 that night and then Hubby picked up some milk and a few other misc. things for about $20 or so … that would put the week at $44.00 spent.

Nice, huh?

We also celebrated our 23rd Wedding Anniversary on Saturday night. Hubby wanted to go out, but I said no, let’s stay in, we have plenty of stuff here to make:

Ribeyes (freezer) with mushroom sauce (canned shrooms)
Scalloped taters (onions and taters from freezer, sour cream, mayo from the fridge)
Caprese salad (tomatoes from counter top, cheese from fridge, basil from garden)
Nice bottle of wine from wine rack. Debated on the taking a bottle of champagne out of garage fridge, but Hubby doesn’t drink that so I opted to leave that alone 😉
Dessert was brownies that Hubby made (premix in the pantry)

Delicious meal, that in the end, probably would have set us back $150, $200 had we gone out. Seriously delicious.

At times like this, I’m very happy to have freezers that seem to be bursting at the seams sometimes … but I really need to start cleaning them out, seriously. Thankfully, Thanksgiving is coming up and I have the two turkey breast in the freezer that I will contribute to the table this year!

How is your spending going??

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