Week 44 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

AND … Week 20 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures.

I have to say, if nothing else, this unemployment stuff is making Hubby a little more frugal minded, and I’m proud of him for that … but it’s a little upsetting in some ways, such as: “You can wash that tin pan out and we can reuse it” … I say NO, because we have 50 of them, and there’s a reason I buy them and use them (when we have bbq’s with a group of people, it’s just easier to NOT have to worry about washing big bulky dishes, in my opinion) OR “Put the leftover pizza in the ziploc that held the cooked chicken” … and again, NO, because I shudder to think about cross contaminating foods like THAT, even though both are cooked … just doesn’t fly with me.

Of course, going grocery shopping has taken on a whole new meaning for him too … which is a HUGE bonus … before he’d pick up things that “looked good” and now he’s thinking twice … but I also need to stress to both him, me and the internet world, I don’t want to go “cheap” … and those of you who are frugal minded know exactly what I’m talking about 🙂

So … with that … I’ve decided to NOT menu plan this week.

Oh my. How can that possibly be frugal, you ask? I would normally ask the same exact question if I was in your shoes!! However, because we only spent about $44 last week on groceries, fed ourselves a pretty damn fine dinner on Saturday night, using what we had on hand, I’m quite certain that if I gave Hubby the reins for the full week, instead of a night or two, he’d do just fine with what we have.

So far, so good:

Sunday night – leftover pizza, leftover scalloped potatoes, a little bit of leftover steak, and brownies for desert.  Yes, a mixture of things, BUT both of us were lazy and had spent the day watching the latest series of Sons of Anarchy … we were pretty wiped out 🙂 … As we each ate a slice of pizza, I went and got a Coors Bullet, divided it between 2 glasses and did one last Happy Anniversary toast …

Monday night – leftover chicken and then he took the leftover caprese salad and laid it out on a baking dish, sprinkled with italian seasoning and baked it … ummm, can you say PIZZA without the crust?? (next time, we need to use parchment paper!)

Tuesday night (tonight), I think we are having TUNA MELTS which makes me a happy happy camper!!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will all be a nice surprise, I’m sure!! I have the utmost confidence in Hubby to prepare dinners … although, I told him last night, I didn’t know what I was going to do when he went back to work as I’ve sort of gotten use to him making dinner when I come home 🙂 I really like that!

And NO, we will not be a single income household … Sonny Boy is being told that he needs to pack his stuff and come home at the end of the semester if he can’t find a job between now and then … at this pace, we can’t afford to do it all AND now pay for his car insurance, license and tags, etc.

I would normally link up with Menu Plan Monday, but this week, because it’s not really a “plan” so to speak, I’m not … but go check out MPM anyways … always some GREAT menus over there!

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