Grocery Shopping – October 27th to November 2nd

Can you believe it’s NOVEMBER??? And I have my windows open on this lovely day that I keep thinking it’s 9am, but really, it’s only 8am …. arrrgggg … waiting for the REAL 9am to roll around so I can head west to see my dad.


Obviously, we didn’t…that’s what happens when you go boating all day long and get home too late … and only because you drank all the beer and vodka that was available …

Any ways.

After last week’s minimal trips and then my hope desire plan to reduce spending this month, I’m off to a questionable start … I need to do a Costco run soon, we are out of tp, eggs, grocery bags, etc.  I’m figuring that’s going to be a $200 trip …

Either way … here’s a recap of the week …

Tuesday had a quick run during my lunch hour to Publix … mostly to pick up Halloween candy, a little bit of rabbit food, dish soap, tp ($3.75 for a 4 pack of tp??) … used my $5 off $30 coupon and spent $30.00 exactly. I know. $13 of that was candy!

Thursday night was a quick stop at Whole Foods … primarily to pick up a few lemons, honey crisp apples and pumpkin head. The beer was $9.49. It is the last 6 pack I will buy for the season as I connect Pumpkin head with Halloween … total spent $33.39. The sour dough bread was a treat that we ended up using on Saturday for sandwiches …

AND THEN, Saturday morning required a quick run to Publix for the boat trip … ice, beer, milk. Used a $5 off the $30 and spent $32.87.

Total spent $96.00 roughly. Way better than the $150 I was allowing myself … could have done without half the stop at Whole Foods but oh well …

Hubbys out of town this coming week and half of next week … hoping to stay far away from the stores during this time, however, I do have a small girls night planned this Friday … would like to be able to use what we have on hand for entertaining with a few minimal items picked up.

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