Grocery Shopping – November 17 to November 23

This upcoming week could be interesting, but I still think we will be ok with the so-called budget … I’ve got 2 turkey breast in the freezer, Hubby wants to buy one, maybe two turkeys to fry … but said maybe he would just stick with the one if Princess b/f didn’t want a fried one to take home to family (we typically fry 4 to 6 turkeys each Thanksgiving, but this year, Hubby doesn’t have an office to take one or two in on Friday) …

I do need some potatoes, cheese and meat for a tray, eggs (deviled eggs), spinach (for spinach dip, I have the rest of the stuff in fridge/freezer/pantry). I have everything for the green beans and the kale salad already. Hubby wants to make stuffing so I need to get a few bags of stuffing, the sausage and will need more onions too. I almost think I should just go to Costco!

Hopefully we won’t need much more outside of THAT days food 😉  Sonny Boy comes home Tuesday night which means another mouth to feed for the balance of the week!

Here’s what I picked up this past week:

ALDIS on Sunday (I drive right past it when I go see my dad)
2 heads of iceburg lettuce $1.29 each
2 3pks of zucchini 75 cents each
1 head hydro butter lettuce $1.49
2 cucumbers @ 59 cents each
2 containers grape tomatoes 99 cents each (1 to my dad *)
baby lettuce $2.19
24 pk of water $2.29 *
2 boxes of tissues $1.19 each *
2 containers of baby wipes 85 cents each *
4 cans of shrooms 59 cents each
12 pk keurig coffee $5.79 (these were worth the try but not that much cheaper than what I can get at Costco)
4 pk of chocolate protein shake $3.19
2 graham cracker pie crust $1.19 each
1 bottle salad dressing $1.99
pkg of brown and serve rolls 99 cents
pkg of plain bagels $1.69 (whoa, these were like $1.19 before??)
Total spent $35.92

THEN I had to take my dad to the VA on Friday morning so figured, what the heck, I’ll go the extra mile south and hit Costco before going to work 🙂
80 count Keurig coffee $37.99 less $5
4 pk flameless candles $19.99 less $7
2 bags Veggie Chips (these are awesome! How We Roll) $5.59 less $2 each
Bag of Multigrain Chips (Food Should Taste Good) $5.99
Bag of RiceWorks Sesame and Sea Salt Chips $5.39 (these are awesome too!!)
container smoked fish dip $9.89
bag of kale salad $5.29
container of organic baby spinach $4.49
twin pack of Pomegrante seeds $6.99
2 pkgs (3 lbs each) of Bacon Mushroom Swiss Chicken Sausage (they didn’t have these for awhile and the girl was telling me they brought them back for the holidays, yeah cus these are good too!) $13.49 each
1 lb English Cheddar cheese $7.39
Total spent $126.35

Then Friday NIGHT, I stopped at Publix to get:
French Onions $2.99
9 pk Coors Bullet $10.99
2 Ciabatta rolls (watch for upcoming recipe) $1.78
2 pkgs of paper plates B1G1F (Chinet, platter sizes) $5.99
2 pkgs of Sargentino shredded cheese B1G1F $4.19
4 cans of Hunt tomato sauce/crushed tomatoes B1G1F $1.99×2
2 cans of cream of shroom soup B1G1F $1.33
2 cans of cream of chix soup B1G1F $1.33
4 cans of French cut green beans B1G1F $1.55 x 2
Half and Half $2.85
2 boxes of linguini/spaghetti B1G1F $1.59
2 containers sour cream B1G1F $2.59
dozen large eggs $2.09
2 blocks cream cheese $1.50 each
I had a few coupons and used my $5 off $30 and spent $37.68 … my receipt said I saved $38.58. Seriously, groceries are getting expensive!

Roughly $200 for the week … uggg.  The items with * are for my dad that I just pick up for him.

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