Week 47 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Oops … I apparently have lost county when I stated this was Week 47 and Week 23 …. It’s REALLY WEEK 48 and WEEK 24 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures.


It’s that week. You know, where you slave away all day, 50/50 chance of a small family outburst expected at some point in that 10 hours you are all together, the day when you stuff yourself silly? It’s funny, as a kid, and even a young adult, I was NOT a big Thanksgiving fan. Most likely because I was such a picky eater and there would be NOTHING on the table that I wanted to eat, so I’d just eat sweet stuff and call it a day. So sad when I look back on it … that is why I’ve always made it a point to have macaroni and cheese or some other carb heavy dish for Sonny Boy.

As we are going to our friends this year (we rotate every year as to is the Host) I will be taking deviled eggs, kale salad, meat & cheese platter, green bean casserole, kale salad and something else … along with the 2 turkey breast and a whole turkey for frying.  Hubby will make the stuffing and mashed taters, gravy and a baked turkey on Friday for leftovers.

Here’s what we got planned for the week:

Sunday – Leftovers (fresh ground beef burgers from Saturday night only we will make them as burgers with mozzarella cheese and sauce that Hubby made all day today) … we’ve decided to call them PIZZA BURGERS

Monday – Leftover ranch chicken and buttered noodles

Tuesday – YEAH Sonny Boy comes home! Tacos (salad for me) with all the fixins (made the meat on Saturday night and the rest of ingredients are in fridge)

Wednesday – really and truly do NOT have a clue … I’d like to go out with the kids but somehow think we will be rummaging around for food while we get prepped for Thursday

Thursday – Turkey, what else?

Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkie … go check it out!

Friday – Wanna guess? Turkey again! Poor Sonny Boy! I may go for it and make the Hot Browns aka Glorified Open Face Turkey Sandwich and get some new (and way better) pics!

Saturday – As I’m not sure if Sonny Boy is heading back today (to beat the Sunday traffic rush) or not, I will leave this open…IF he’s still home, we will most likely grill out, burgers and dogs/brats (both in freezer)

What are YOU making this week?

1 thought on “Week 47 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Everything looks so good.Happy Thanksgiving! It's Menu Plan Monday.


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