Week 49 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

AND … Week 25 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures …

Everyone, say hello to DECEMBER. The month that causes me the most anxiety due to the number of birthdays, holidays, parties, expenses that we have (I have like 12 birthdays alone)

Side note … does anyone else listen to Palladia on TV? I mean, seriously! They had Styx on Sunday night (as I typed this) and poor Hubby had to listen to me belt out Come Sail Away … my all time favorite concert I ever went to see at the old Chicago Amphitheater … I think I was 13 and my parents let me go with a bunch of kids (ummm, yes, I always hung out with older kids) …

Any who.

The Boy left earlier today, took him an hour longer than normal due to the amount of traffic and accidents on the interstate. That’s the kind of stuff your mother does not want to hear when you call her …

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the turkey(s) were as good as  you had hoped. We had three fried turkeys (well, one whole and 2 breast) and on our way home, stopped and gave one of the fried turkey breast to a homeless man that was sitting on the bench … too bad I didn’t have a fork and or knife to give him but I’m sure he made do, one way or another.  It made me sad when I got back in the truck that we had FOUR (um, yes, a fourth one was at home to roast on Friday) turkeys and this man had none … I saw him again on Saturday and he looked to be sitting rather fat and happy on that same park bench … at least I’d like to think that.

I still have lots of turkey leftover and am coming up with some great ideas to utilize the balance of it without making myself tired of it …

Here’s what we are planning to have …

Sunday – grilled turkey and cheese with tomato sandwiches (these were good, wish I had a different cheese besides provolone)

Monday – Turkey Frittata using this recipe (eggs, spinach, sour cream in fridge, cheese in freezer, balance in fridge/pantry)

Leftover Turkey Frittata4 700x1024 Leftover Turkey Frittata

Tuesday – Chef Salad (may need to buy more salad stuff), eggs, turkey and dressing in fridge. NOTE: Today is my Dad’s 80th Birthday .. I will do something special with him for lunch on Thursday as we have to do the Miami VA that day
Wednesday – Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup using this recipe
Cream of Turkey & Wild Rice Soup Recipe
Thursday – At this point, any turkey that is leftover STILL is in the freezer … Salisbury Steaks in the Crockpot this evening! Beef in freezer, rest of ingredients in fridge/pantry … NOTE: It’s my baby boy’s 21st birthday today! No party for him yet as he’s back at school for another week!
Friday – At long last, it’s Friday! I am leaving today up to Hubby … but I really think that it will be something simple as we only have THIS week to finish decorating the house and get ready for the party next Saturday!
Saturday – Hubby’s choice, perhaps pork chops on the grill as most likely will have a few friends over for dinner but again, it can not be a late night as we have to stay on task!
Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkie! Go check it out!
*Somewhere I think I lost count of the week/day, etc. as it can’t be down to only 3 weeks left in the year? I’m also in a state of denial that it’s DECEMBER!!!


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