Grocery Shopping – December 1st to 7th

Ahhh….we are in the homestretch for the Boat Parade Party and then CHRISTMAS!!!

A few stops were made this past week, which does lead me to believe I AM leaning towards an every other week major shop!

Monday was Costco … lots of stuff picked up $312 less $6 was spent. Uggg

Tuesday was a quick stop at Fresh Market as they had ground sirloin and applewood smoked bacon, b1g1f. Got 2 lbs of each along with 4 bags of Italian blend cheese. Spent $32.00.

After Fresh Market, went one block over to Winn Dixie (shudder) to pick up a few things they had on a 3 day sale … 4 dozen eggs @ 99 cents each, 2 pkgs of bacon at $1.89 each. They were out of the Arizona Tea that Hubby likes and the sugar they had on sale. Total spent $7 and change.

We have plenty of stuff on hand and really, if not for the basic veggies and milk (for Hubby) we could get away with some pretty minimal shopping IF it wasn’t December and all the stuff going on.

Hubby is making stuffed shells for the party, so I still need to get some ricotta cheese (oh geesh, another trip to Costco??). I think I have the bulk ingredients for the rest of the stuff we plan on making (cheesy onion dip, snausages, meatballs, cheese/meat tray, shrimp cocktail, etc.)

This upcoming week will be pretty busy and what food shopping we do will be the balance of ingredients for the party.

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