Week 53 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Week 29 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures … really!  I never, ever thought we would be going in to a new year as unemployed … but then again, I suppose, in the back of my mind, I may have thought it was possible … not pleasant, let me tell you.

I am aiming for a healthy week of eating as that is one of my MAJOR New Year’s goals … my hands have been killing me lately and the swelling is starting to cause some issues. So, with that … here’s what I am planning …

FYI … a NEW Aldis has opened up about 2 miles down the road from me, need to start checking it out for produce … I’m pretty excited to have one so close … wish it was on my way from work but it’s not …

Sunday – Sweet Mustard Chicken and broccoli … there was a Costco run earlier and well, I needed to make something! Chicken bought (and a bunch in freezer) broccoli in fridge

Monday – hoping to finish up the balance of leftovers from the weekend to get ready for the NEW YEAR!

Tuesday – stuffed shells (tray in freezer), shrimp cocktail (shrimp in freezer, made the cocktail sauce), veggie tray and maybe some garlic bread … we will hop a cab to Lauderdale By The Sea’s festivities around 11pm with some friends.

Wednesday – Happy New Year! Fingers crossed that I show some control and am not hung over today as I really wanted to start a sort of Whole 30 kick off … (I am not doing 100% compliant, modified version). I’m aiming to make some chili and some Batch Cooking (beef in freezer, balance of chili stuff in pantry, chicken in freezer)

Thursday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad (chicken in freezer – cooking on Wednesday, bacon in fridge, tomatoes and bacon in fridge)

Friday – Chicken and Veggies on the grill (chicken in freezer, veggies in fridge

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … hoping to steer him towards HEALTHY!

What are you planning for New Years Eve and the New Year??

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2 thoughts on “Week 53 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. No matter how hard I try and plan I never stick to it. I enjoy reading your plan though. NYE will be at my brothers so no idea. I did warn him I was back on the LC train though.


  2. I'll admit its hard to stick with it 100% as stuff always comes up. But at least I have a clue, as does Hubby, what we have on hand to make at any time during the week. I'd say we hit it on target about 80% of the time …


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