Pantry / Freezer Challenge – January 2104

Yes,  I am going to do the pantry/freezer challenge again this year.

Main Kitchen Freezer

What not? It’s a no-brainer to me … the pictures will certainly tell you why I say that …

Not to mention, we have the following things going on in this household right now:

1.  Hubby is STILL unemployed

2.  Sonny Boy has moved back in and well, he’s made a mess of the pantry and forgotten his frugal eating tips he learned while living on his own for 2 1/2 years

3.  I have college tuition, textbooks and car insurance coming up real soon

4.  This would be a good start to my New Years Resolution to conserve my money

5.  AND … I am waiting for the arrival of my $5 off $30 coupons to use at Winn Dixie and Publix…those coupons have saved us a lot of money. Once I explained to Hubby it was like a five dollar bill, he came on board real quick and carried them in his wallet with his cash. What made this even better was his kindness in sharing with others while shopping … I think he surprised a lot of people 😀

Guest Kitchen Freezer

Now, honestly, I’ve never been able to go the whole month … 2 weeks, yes, but any longer really causes friction in the house … but now that Hubby is on board with this and he’s gotten really good at using what we have, I may be able to do a whole month.

Garage Freezer

I’ve not set a firm budget yet ($60 a week?) for fresh produce and milk … but will make every effort to NOT buy something that goes in the freezer or pantry unless its an absolute stock up price.

Besides, I’m not so sure I could put anything more in pantry or freezers …

Pantry overloaded
So how about it? You going to do a Pantry Challenge this month? If so, hop over to Good Cheap Eats and check out Jessicas progress as she is the Queen of the Challenge … and then track my progress over on my Pantry Challenge page!
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2 thoughts on “Pantry / Freezer Challenge – January 2104

  1. LOVE THOSE COUPONS!!! 🙂 They are still on sale till this weekend. I went in with others including my coworker. Then she went and got excited and bought a whole order herself. LMAO I have two in my wallet and a sheet in my car at all times.


  2. Yup, the key to getting Hubby to use them was to tell him \”it's like a $5 bill\” … then he started putting in his wallet with the cash 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!


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