Week 55 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

and … Week 31 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures.

I am also doing the Pantry Challenge right now with minimal grocery shopping allowed.  It’s not been so very bad, but we have deviated from the menu plan slightly.

Last week had a few stops for both Hubby and I and this week I am hopeful to avoid the store at all costs, although I am craving guacamole now … and I will need to go and get some eggs before much longer since we all ate breakfast yesterday …

I didn’t do precooking this weekend with the exception of the “boiled” eggs and salsa in the vitamix. I’m getting low on ketchup and want to try a recipe I have for homemade …

Here’s what I’m planning for the week:

Sunday – tacos (salad for me), used ground sirloin from freezer as was the bag of 3 cheddar cheese, last 2 packets of taco seasoning from pantry, made a batch of salsa from pantry and lettuce and sour cream from fridge. I had picked up shells earlier in the week from Aldis

Monday – Chicken and Japanese style veggies (chicken in freezer, zucchini, carrots and onion in fridge)

Tuesday – Chef Salad (veggies in fridge, lunch meat in fridge and I “boiled” eggs over the weekend)

Wednesday – I’m thinking we may head out to Sweet Tomatoes to meet the Boy after he gets out of classes on Wednesday … this will cost around $30 for the 3 of us (figure $10 per person WITH the coupon) … we shall see if this fits in with budget/schedule.

Thursday – another cold front is supposed to be coming through and I’m thinking of soup and sandwiches (tomato soup and grilled cheese). Will make the Panera Bread knockoff soup recipe I’ve had to try as I believe I have everything on hand

Friday – Hubbys choice … depending on who is around, I’d like to cook up some thick pork chops.

Saturday –  Hubbys choice again … chicken, I’m guessing? 😀

What are you planning for the week? Go check out the Organized Junkie for 100’s of other menu plans!

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