Week 56 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

And … we are on Week 32 of Hubbys Unemployment Adventures.

I’ve been doing a Pantry/Freezer Challenge since the first of the years … was doing real well too but find that this past weekend (ahem, Saturday), I stopped at Aldis, Publix and the Produce Store. Total spent? About 90 bucks. Ehh. Not good. But I’m loaded up on produce, so that’s a good thing.

The real BAD thing about that is that I’m heading to Costco tomorrow to get my $37 or so back for the coupons. I had went on the 31st and the coupons didn’t kick in til the 2nd which I somehow missed. The cashier told me to bring my receipt back and they’d refund the coupons. Ok.

Saddest part of all? About half that stuff that I felt I needed to buy right then and there? Haven’t even opened any thing. (Coconut water, pork chops, etc.). Uggg. Goes to show how easy it is to get distracted and FEEL THE NEED TO SPEND ….

So … with that in mind … here’s what I’m planning for the week … Hubby’s been pretty good about seeing my subtle hints of what to make. Yes, he does deviate from the original plan frequently, but is getting better 🙂 …

Sunday – leftover blackened chicken and taters … I will most likely make mine a salad (leftovers from Saturday night last minute get together, had everything on hand except the buns, I love that, especially during a Pantry Challenge!)

Monday – I’m off and have a Dr’s appointment in the morning and then a quick run to Costco … debating on making some Chili OR Chicken Marsala … need to check with Princess to see if she will be home.

Tuesday – Regardless of what I decide to do Monday, I will have Chili with waffle grilled cheese (um, yes, this is from the Boy and his girlfriends last date night at the New York Grilled Cheese joint … the family gifted waffle maker makes an appearance at least once a week in the kitchen it seems 😉

Wednesday – crock pot night … Ranch Pork Chops (I have 4 to 5 packages of center cut chops in the freezer with 5 to 6 in each package)

Thursday – leftovers (clean out the fridge!) 

Friday – Hubby’s choice … I’d like to toss in a pork roast for some Smoky Crock of Pork … (I THINK I have a pork roast still in the freezer)

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … as always, we usually anticipate having friends over one night or the other and things are generally open for ideas …

What are YOU planning to make this week??

Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkie … go check it out!

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