Menu Plan Week 58 – Using What We Have On Hand

And … entering Week 34 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures …

I’ve been making a physical and mental effort to be more “happy”. Basically telling myself that happiness comes from WITHIN … I’m on a mission here folks … I want to be content, happy with what I have and regain the attitude that things can be so much worse.  That number of 34 freaks me out a little bit, I’ll be honest … and the fact that we are using our investments about 15 years sooner than anticipated for living is making me really re-evaluate life and how we live. I’ve started reading a few aggressive (and sometimes a little snarky) blogs about living on way less, such as Mr. Money Mustache who retired in his early 30’s … it’s definitely made me look at the things we do NOT do to be frugal (um, hello cable, 3 vehicles, a boat, etc.) … and how some things in the household COULD be changed … but that will take a mutual agreement between ALL the family members in order to be successful. That’s for another post, don’t you think?

So here’s what we got going on for this fine week ahead of us:

Sunday – Super Bowl party hosted at our friends. We made bbq baby back ribs, potato skins, deviled eggs, ranch dip … all food was a hit and we brought leftovers (and then some) home with us

Monday – leftovers from Saturday night (chicken and green beans) and last night … make your own plate!

Tuesday – chili cheese dogs (need to get buns, rest in pantry/freezer)

Wednesday – chicken marsala (chix in freezer, shrooms in fridge, wine in pantry)

Thursday –   Shepard’s Pie (taters from the innards of the potato skins, beef and veggies in the freezer) … this is Hubby’s recipe!

Friday – Grillin and Chillin – Hubby’s choice

Saturday – I’d like to make Tuscan Chicken as I’ve not had it in a while but it will ultimately be up to Hubby…

What are YOU planning to make this week?

If you are stuck for ideas, hop on over to the Organized Junkie and see what 100s of others are planning for the week!

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