Frugal Activities #4

I really like this … it’s keeping me a little more conscientious about what I’m doing 🙂

Here’s what this past week frugal activities have been!

1.  Rode my “new to me” bike to the bank on Saturday to deposit 4 payroll checks.  Frugal in the gas, good for the body AND good for the pocketbook as the checks were not spent previously!

2.  Went to Aldis and BJ’s with Hubby … we do not have a membership with BJ’s so we paid the 15% markup for the 2 pks of ribs … $5 more … not so sure this was more frugal than a trip to Costco in the end.

4.  Received a $1800 credit back from the college after pushing for a discount. Long story but the Boy waited too long to enroll so he was charged a premium fee because he didn’t turn everything in. I hounded HIM and he got the credit applied. This isn’t like money back in my pocket since we paid the tuition on the American Express. It does mean less money to pay on the bill though!

5.  Made breakfast at home all 5 days of the work week and packed my lunch all 5 days too. Also made dinners at home, with the exception of one night pick up of Philly Cheesesteaks … weak moment on Hubby’s part when he was recovering from his “bug”.

6.  Just said “no” to a girlfriend who wanted to have an afterwork drink. It’s never just one and it’s always around $20-$30 to go out.

7.  Ordered the protein powder I like on Amazon and saved additionally by signing up for Subscribe and Save.  This is like $15 cheaper than the store and I’ve set it up for every 2 months. I will have to see if thats too much or not enough. Once the men in the house can find something they like, I will see if it’s available this way for them too. Protein Powder is one of the reasons we go to Costco monthly … it’s way cheaper there but thankfully, the boys are changing the brand/style they want to use. I wish we were all on the same but different bodies have different needs.

8.  Exercised at home and rode my NEW bike (yeah for curb crawls!) a few times.

9.  Evaluated the month end numbers and calculated what I needed for February. I need to start moving money over to the Capital One savings account to make it less accessible … I want to get the hazard, wind and flood insurance saved before May comes due.

10. Went to a friends house for Super Bowl Sunday … we made potato skins, baby back ribs, deviled eggs and ranch dip all from stuff we had on hands. We had to improvise on a few things but that was ok.

11. Still trying to clear out the pantry and freezers, but not a full fledge pantry challenge any longer. That’s fine, it’s coming around 🙂

12. Held off again from doing any major shopping even though I’m feeling the urge to hit Costco (!!!) up for coffee, salad stuff, frozen berries, etc. My list will keep growing if I’m not careful!

Some of my not so frugal activities:

1.  Went and had my nails and toes done … ugg. $60. Way too expensive and I should know better … 

2.  Stopped at Publix on way home one night to pick up TP … didn’t have any coupons except my $5 off $30 which “prompted” me to spend $45 to use it … I did put stuff back when I realized that I most likely have coupons at home (of course I do) … folks, $4.49 for a gallon of milk? I can but it for $2.59 at Aldi’s and told the family that they need just to start stopping there when they are passing by to pick up milk!

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