Previous Costco Shops (1 & 2)

I keep forgetting to post the 2 Costco shops from late December and late January … I know some of you like to see the prices, while others just like to see what I buy 🙂

Here’s from my receipt back after the 2nd and they would refund me the difference. $32.00 … sweet! Unfortunately, that meant I would be back for a 2nd trip soon!

Here’s what I got then:

Twin pack Neutrogena face moisturizer $14.99 less $4
Twin pack Neutrogena face cleaner $11.99 less $3
3 dozen xlarge eggs $5.89 (the price sure does fluctuate on these lately!)
Costco size box of tampons $13.49
Kirkland brand dishwasher soap (packs) $9.99
2 6pks (1 ltr each) of Vita Coconut water $19.99 each (um, these are still sitting unopened. Waiting on my protein powder to arrive)
Bottle of Dawn dish soap $8.99
Twin pack of Softsoap $8.99
6 lbs of organic green apples $11.79 (which I recently tossed the rest of them, they were not very tasty)
80 count KCup coffee $34.99
large container of parmesan shredded cheese $13.59
bag of limes $4.79
large bottle of Green Machine juice for Sonny Boy $5.99
3 large containers of Fage Yogurt $4.99 each
10 lb bag of whole carrots $7.99
pkg of chicken fryer thighs $10.98
pkg of chicken fryer thighs $10.57
large container of Protein Powder (Combat Powder for Sonny Boy) $42.99
jar of Almond Butter $7.99
half and half $1.89
10 lb bag of b/s chicken breast $22.99
boneless pork chops $14.36
large container of dates $6.99
2 packages of the baby romaine lettuce $4.49 each
bag of shrimp (50/70 count cooked) $18.99
bag of chocolate covered fruit $8.99
bag of frozen blueberries $11.79
bag of frozen cherries $12.99
bag of frozen strawberries $8.99
celery sticks $3.79
bag of lemons $6.99
package of disposable razors $24.99

Grand total? $426.68. Should have had $32 less in coupons but I applied that credit to the next order:

January 24th …

paper towel $14.99
chicken stock (in these cool little cartons with a closable cap) $9.99
package of paper bowls $9.59 less $2
package of paper plates $13.99
box of Panko $3.99
10 lb bag of sugar $8.79
Kirkland brand laundry soap pods $13.99 (I’m a Tide girl and this stuff is not so very bad!)
Combat Protein Powder $42.99 less $9
Smoked fish dip $9.89
Kirkland RTD Marg $8.99 … NO CLUE WHAT THIS IS! I know it’s not margarine 😉
Box of Crunchmasters crackers $7.59 less $2
Dawn dishsoap $8.99 less $2
twin pack of Grey Poupon $6.99
5 pack of Colgate toothpaste $12.99 less $4
half and half $1.89 x 2
Dark chocolate and coconut covered almonds $9.49 (oh my … these are so good)
Coconut and chocolate bites $10.69 (not as good as the stuff above!)
8 pk of Torta Sandwich rolls $5.99
large bag of Skinny Pop popcorn $4.99 less $1.50
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.59 (look, one month ago they were $5.89!)
80 count Kcups coffee $37.99
60 count Starbucks coffee $34.99 less $5 (for work, need to do my expense report!)
bag of onions $6.49
bag of potatoes $8.49
bag of peeled garlic $5.39
bag of frozen strawberries $8.99
10 bag of frozen b/s chicken breast $22.99
3 lbs of bratwurst $9.99
bag of frozen blueberries $11.79
3 pk of ultra thin turkey (lunchmeat) $8.99 less 3 x 2 (wish now I had bought more for freezer)
2 pkgs of cooked bacon $11.99 each
bag of cooked, crumbled bacon $11.99
6 pk cans of chopped clams $6.99
large box of tampons $12.99 less $3

Grand total? $420.73 … I applied the $32 credit and paid $388.73.

Yes, that’s a lot of stuff from Costco … check back for the trip I just did on Saturday!

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2 thoughts on “Previous Costco Shops (1 & 2)

  1. What brand were those \”Dark chocolate and coconut covered almonds $9.49\”? I was enjoying them too until Costco ran out. Now I'm on the hunt.


  2. I'm not 100% positive, but I think they were the Marks brand … Amazon has them and it looks to be the same thing for $17.99 or so.. Not quite worth it for that price 😉


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