Week 59 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Week 35 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures …

It may seem a little strange that I use the title “Using What We Have” even with the Costco trips … but seriously, the stuff I buy from Costco, for the most part, is NOT consumed the same week, with the exception of the veggies and dairy stuff.

I had typed up the 2 trips from late December and January and realized that I still had a lot of that same stuff … 1 bag of chicken breast, the coconut water, the grey poupon, etc. so I’m thinking that it’s same for ME to say that I use Costco to buy in bulk and stock up? Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s funny in that the past few months have consistenly had a group of 6 to 8, sometimes 10 for dinner on the weekends. Between the 2 kids and their boyfriend/girlfriend (which brings us to 6) and then our good friends who are always over (brings us to 8) we should be going through a lot of food. I mean heck, we eat good, REAL GOOD. But we also eat practical stuff: blackened chicken sandwiches (chicken breast, blackened seasoning, lettuce, mayo and toasted buns), steak sandwiches (when you do them as sandwiches, you use less meat), buffalo chicken salad (the lettuce stretches out the need for meat, not to mention, the blue cheese is enough on it’s own!) and so on … it’s nothing “fancy” so to speak, but definitely something that you are glad you took the time to prepare and share 🙂

Ok … now that I’ve shared that (only because as I start my plan at 6:30 on Saturday night, I’m wondering if I have enough for 8 people – Hubby is making fried chicken) I am ready to share what I have planned for the coming week:

Sunday – Grown Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Wedge Salad … I was so excited that we are making these! Recipe coming up soon! (bread in pantry, cheeses in fridge)

Monday – Chili Cheese Dogs with tater tots (hot dogs, cheese and tater tots in freezer, canned chili and buns in pantry)

Tuesday – BLT Chicken Inspired Salad (salad fixins in fridge, will use grape tomatoes that were picked up on Saturday)

Wednesday – crockpot day! Thinking along the lines of Ranchy Pork Chops

Thursday – Chicken Stirfry … chicken in freezer, veggies in fridge

Friday – Happy Valentines Day! I’m dying to know if the kids will be here with their girlfriend/boyfriend for a free yummy meal? Hubby is suggesting we do a nice steak dinner (which we will need to buy the steaks) along with some mashed cauliflower (he wants to give this a try and I have some in fridge) … if the kids are all going to be here, Lord help me, I don’t know what I will do 😉  If Sonny Boy is not around, I will also have shrimp cocktail (shrimp in freezer, will make my cocktail sauce) … I try not to make fish when he’s around due to his hivey reactions!

Saturday – This will be Hubby’s choice … but most likely I will push towards bacon blue cheese burgers on the grill since we have everything (except the buns) and that will feed the masses if they are all here again.

What are YOU planning this week?

Linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday series … go check it out!

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