Work Out Better With Your Cell Phone

Think about this: a mere 20 years ago, cell phones were pretty much only for those people who REALLY needed them … they were BIG, expensive and well, just not for the normal, everyday use of most people!

... – April 3, 1973: 40th Anniversary Of The First Mobile Phone Call
Um, no, that is NOT going to fit in my purse, let alone my back pocket 🙂
I don’t want to even mention the pager days … the 911 being added at the end for those “urgent” calls … trying to find a payphone that was somewhat clean looking (speaking of which, are we the only city without pay phones anymore??) … I hated those pagers!
Now, with modern technology, and the quest to have the latest and greatest (or not so much), I’ve got myself a Galaxy II. Yes, a TWO. Not a 3, or a 4 or even a note, but a II.  And I believe it’s going on two, maybe even THREE years old … it’s been dropped a few times, lost several more times and just recently, I have a hairline crack in the screen from the last drop. I mean, seriously, hairline, as in, I thought I had a piece of hair on the screen the first time I saw it … oh no! But it’s fine and should live for at least another 4 to 6 months until I decide what I want to do with the phone plan we have …
BUT … that’s not what the purpose of this post was for!!!
It’s about APPS!
As in: Map My Run
It’s such a GREAT app and free, Free, FREE!  You can upgrade by buying a membership but I’ve not done that as of yet.  I use Map My Run all the time when I’m walking, running and even lately, riding my bike …
The program will keep track of your distance, tell you how far you went, how fast you went, how many calories you burned and what your average speed was.  It announces when you hit your 1 mile mark and tells you the average time it’s taken you to do same.  You can set it so it shows you the map OR you can view the stats … I like the stats because if I’m getting tired or not feeling motivate, I simply look at the display and see that I am currently on track for a whopping 17 minute mile … HOP TO SNAIL LADY!
And, if you feel so inclined, you can have it set where it will post the results to facebook and I think a few other social media sites (I don’t use that feature but think maybe I should).
My other APP that I love for working out?
Pandora Radio Android App Sending User Data to Advertisers
Again, this is a free app that you can upgrade with a membership (to remove the minimal commercials they announce) … we have a paid account because we use it with the surround sound in the house, all of use have it on our phones, and I use the Kindle to play the music on the outside speakers at the house.  Playing Pandora while running Map My Run has not been a problem at all … the distance announcement overrides the music for the few seconds but then the music continues on.
For Christmas, I bought everyone in the house armbands for the phones … I used to hold mine in my hand, and yes, I did drop it a few times … so much easier having it out of the hands and strapped on!
Do you have any cool apps to recommend for using with a smart phone? Let me know, I’d like to check them out! 

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