Frugal Activities #5

Honestly, knowing that I am going to be posting this weekly (occasionally every other week!) keeps me on track a little better!

Here’s some of the Frugal Activities we’ve done this past week:

1.   Convinced myself and Hubby that we did NOT need to order a pizza on Saturday night … I tossed out the option of using the last frozen pizza from freezer (not quite up to Hubby’s standards) or we ate leftover fajita fixings that Princess and boyfriend made earlier in the day.

2.   Paid all my bills for the month online.

3.   Read more of Mr. Money Mustache. Seriously, I can see the man being abrasive to some and obnoxious but he tells it like he sees it. Making me consider downsizing the vehicles 😉

4.   Paid the car insurance online with the American Express to get more points. Hubby shopped and found one with a little better coverage (towing and roadside assistance, car rental replacement, etc.) for about $50 less every 6 months. NOT a huge savings but this is one of the insurances that just irks me to keep paying on so I’ll take any reduction!

5.   Made another batch of mayo

6.   Made a batch of foaming soap

7.   Made a batch of spot remover and applied to all the armpits of tshirts, let them sit overnight and washed the next day. Major improvement 😉

8.   Hubby was going to have our comforter dry cleaned (it’s a Tommy Bahama and we paid big $ for it) but at the tune of $41, he went to a laundry mat instead and spent $8 to wash and dry it himself. Just like brand new again (cats sleep in the bed and sometimes they are not as clean as we’d like to believe!)

9.   Made breakfast at home every day.

10.  Made my lunches every day and took to work to eat.

11.  Prepared and ate dinners at home all 7 days.

12. Utilized dry shampoo again this week to buy another few days between shampoos.

And then of course, to keep it REAL, here are some of the Not So Frugal Things We Did:

1.  Had my eyebrows and lip waxed … and picked up a new eyelash curler because it was R I G H T there waiting for me. Thankfully, I had a gift card from the Princess so out of pocket cost was $28. Yes, you read that right. Told you I did some not so frugal things …

2.  Went to Costco HUNGRY. I had a very specific list. I deviated a bit. About $150 worth of deviation. Not so very frugal. But at least its all good stuff and nothing outright junky (hey, dark chocolate and coconut covered almonds are healthier than say, M&M’s!

3.  Ummm…had my nails and toes done to the tune of $60.00 after tip. The next day, my index and thumb nails were peeling… which led me to:

4.  Stopped at ULTA to pick up some polish. Got sucked into the corrective stick, quick dry top coat and a new base coat. $64.00 later …

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