That Feeling – Down and Out

It’s been a rough day/week/month so far.

I’ve had all kinds of issues at work … from me making mistakes (that are fixable, but that’s not the point) to dealing with not-so nice people. Pushing my people coping skills to the limit, trust me.

I guess I should be thankful that my boss tells me not to worry, February is a short month and almost over and I can make up for all this stuff in March. Ha. I don’t find that very funny either.

And for those people who are just not happy and feel the need to grind me down? They obviously sense a weaker person when they speak with me and feel ‘entitled’ to demand the way they are demanding.

Mind you … I’m not a victim. By any means.

But I am tired lately. And beaten down in the work place, which does come home with me.

It’s been rough. One thing after another.

I am not depressed. At least I don’t think I am.

I just feel blah. Physically and mentally.

And I certainly hope that I am not getting ready for a flare-up … but somehow, I think I am … my fingers and wrist are very swollen and stiff, making it painful to grasp something, let alone type … I’ve got a rashy type thing going on my cheek bones and eyebrows and I’ve had a nagging headache right behind my right eyeball where I would give ANYTHING to be able to pop the eyeball out and massage the socket and up into the brow bone (wiggy, isn’t it??) and then just throw in that whole entire body blob feeling and there you have it.

Is this just an excuse for my sloppiness and lack of ambition? We all know how easy it is to go into the self pity mode 😉

I think the headache is what’s causing a lot of my issues at work. It hurts to concentrate. Ha. Who am I kidding, I am apparently NOT concentrating! And it also wears down my patience and at work, I realize that sometimes its best to not say anything in response to a clients demands. Normally I would negotiate and cajole, give “motherly” advice, etc., but I’ve just not had it to give.

I’ve worked out a few times this month, but no where near as much as I keep telling myself I am going to do. It’s hard to push myself when I’m feeling this way.  Even my “new” bike isn’t calling me, which is really a shame since Hubby and the Boy put so much effort on getting it “just right” for me.

So. After I hit “publish”, I will walk over and grab me 2 Aleve and pray that they work on my hands and my headache, drink 2 large glasses of water (I find that I’m not drinking ANY THING during the day at the office), give myself a hand massage, throw my shoulders back, hold my head high, and move on.

How do YOU deal with those days/weeks/month when you feel like utter crap and just don’t have any drive?

NOTE: I’d like to think maybe it’s just Mother Nature waving her arms at me to remind me she still exists in my life, or maybe I’ve been eating something that’s just not agreeing with my body, but GOOD GRIEF … all this crap at one time?

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2 thoughts on “That Feeling – Down and Out

  1. It sounds like the headaches you're having are very similar to the ones I get. The kind where taking a spoon and getting behind the eye would actually help! I found that the cause of mine is muscular. I'm left handed and when my right side gets overworked it tenses and gives me a headache (especially from working out). After the meds that the doctor gave me didn't work, I went to a massage therapist and have been able to keep them at bay pretty well. The best exercise that helps is to put your arms out in front and raise them up to either side of your ears and back down to your sides. Similar to arm circles. This should help take out some of the tension in your shoulders and neck. If that doesn't work, a glass of wine helps the muscles to relax. I hope this helps:)


  2. Thank you for the suggestions … I will give those little arm lifts a try … I'm trying to avoid the wine and alcohol without much success 😉


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