Frugal Activities #6

This past week was no where near as frugal as it should have been … but I have to come clean and share with the world!

I’ve not been feeling all that great this past week between a lingering headache and hands/wrist have been bothering me more than usual … I could say that’s how we did some pretty bad NOT so frugal activities …

Hubby is officially done with his unemployment benefits.There is no longer the extended benefits available so we really do need to tighten up the belt another notch. Obviously, we weren’t thinking that earlier in the week!

Here’s some of the frugal activities we did:

1.  Did my own nails.

2.  Used up some leftover mashed potatoes instead of using a premade package. I think we forgot they were there until the last minute (this was served with the yummy crockpot ranch pork chops)

3.  Got a free bottle of cocktail sauce using the Publix Promise. Shelf price said $1.99 and it rang up as $2.29. Got the bottle of cocktail sauce and the $2.29 back in my pocket (yes, I encourage you to make cocktail sauce but this was a night that I was running late getting home and Hubby surprised me with shrimp he thawed but called to say no cocktail sauce OR ketchup to make any!)

4.  I finally moved $1,000 out of checking account into my Capital One 360 Savings Account. This will require me to log in online and wait 4 days for the money to come back to my checking account. Out of easy access so I should be able to save it much better that way.  I’m thinking of setting up a weekly or bi-weekly withdrawal from the checking account to the 360 savings.

5.  Stopped at Publix and walked out with TWO things: milk and a loaf of bread for $7.65 total. $4 for milk and $3 for bread?? That’s getting a little expensive!

6.  Held out for any “real” grocery shopping til Friday night. Opted to go to ALDIs … still spent $50 but would have spent $100 and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t need … I got hamburger buns for 25 cents per package … good through March … picked up 3 … we’ve already used one package for sandwiches on the boat.

And of course, here are some of our not so frugal activities

1.  Ordered pizza on Saturday night … $40 later and two mediocre pizzas … I had every intention on MAKING the pizza dough (I pinned a bunch earlier in the day) but Hubby wanted take out for ease.

2.  Went out with a few girlfriends for happy hour and to celebrate a birthday. Not sure how I got stuck with the balance of the tab at $60.  I am a nice person, and have a tendency to give a LOT … I think the thing everyone missed was that the birthday girl was NOT paying for her drinks … so I ended up paying my portion along with hers and a better tip for the bartender.

3.  Hubby and I went for a ride to scope out a business Tuesday night and then we were going to use the balance of my gift card for dinner at Rocco’s Tacos. Suggested that he call and make reservations and he said it wouldn’t be necessary. Ahem. 1 1/2 to 2 hour wait. Said no thank you, walked across the street to the Floridian and ate there. Had another mediocre meal to the tune of $40 again.

4.  Sonny Boy finally got a job! Which of course, made us celebrate on Thursday night. Dinner for 4 for $75 after tip. Seriously. 3 time in one week!

That was it for our not so frugal activities. More than enough if you ask me!

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