Week 61 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

And … entering Week 37 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures.

After last weeks statement about tightening the belt one more notch, we ate out THREE times … and the menu plan fell off the cliff. Geez Louise.  So, time to brush the dirt off my butt and get moving again with the plan!

I’m trying to hold out going to the store, however, Costco is in sight. I’ve got some chicken thighs that were really funky looking and smelling, skin had green/grey stuff all over them and they smelled like some kind of chemical. We’ve had some bad luck with these lately and I finally told Hubby that I’m taking back all the boneless one’s I have. It’s just ridiculous that I spend that much money and then end up throwing the meat out and not having anything to prepare for dinner. Makes for one very unhappy camper 😦

It’s the last week of February, for which I’m thankful as it’s been a long, rough month … not that I want to push for March (the third month of the year, ALREADY!) but I’m ready to move on. Not to mention, the time springs forward on March 5th which means it will be lighter later when I get home at night (but also darker in the morning when I wake up) … that means I can start riding my new to me bike after work! Yeah!

Enough … here’s what we are aiming for this week!

Sunday – 2 ingredient pizza dough with pepperoni, cheese and mushrooms … all ingredients in house. Watch for recipe soon!  *UPDATE* Came down with a cold and just vegged all day … we ended up eating leftovers and the kids made pasta with garlic bread … Maybe I’ll try the pizza this weekend?

Monday – Grown Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and soup on the side. Looking at a crockpot white chicken chili to give a try! (cheese mix leftover from last time we made the sandwiches and all chili ingredients in pantry/freezer)

Tuesday – Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese dressing. Chicken in freezer, salad dressing stuff in fridge/pantry, salad stuff in fridge

Wednesday – Crockpot Day! Potato Soup … Hubby is not going to like soup twice in one week but it is what it is! Hashbrowns in freezer and balance of ingredients in fridge/pantry

Thursday – Fend for yourself, leftover day! I need to start putting a clean out the fridge day back on the menu!

Friday –  Grillin and Chillin with some burgers and tater skins. I have taters that I need to use up soon as they are starting to sprout … hamburger in freezer, buns in pantry (25 cent packs!)…cheese and such for skins in freezer/fridge. I also think we have friends coming over tonight or tomorrow

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … would like to do steak and shrimps as we have the tenderloin in freezer (from Valentine’s Day, Hubby bought a whole tenderloin and cut it himself) as the shrimp is in freezer too … otherwise, it’s his call, chicken, etc.

What are you making this week??

Linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

6 thoughts on “Week 61 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. I've been trying to do the frugal thing all month and it does get a bit tedious at times. We ended up eating out this weekend as well. Even worse, the boys were spending the night with their cousin giving us a chance to go out for a date night but we ate lunch out as a family and blew our date night budget on the kids! Our date night meal ended up being leftovers at home! I think that buffalo chicken salad just made our menu for next week–that looks yummy!


  2. A couple of weeks ago we had a full fridge of random leftovers, so I just made 2 baked potatoes for each person (I can never see how my boys eat so much yet are so skinny) and let them top their potatoes with whatever leftover they wanted. You wouldn't believe how much they loved doing this! I will have to do it again the next time our fridge fills up.


  3. Thank you for posting your MPM. I borrowed your Potato Soup recipe…with a few substitutions to use what I had on hand…for supper tonight. I have been sick all week, still sick, and finding it hard to stand long enough to do any cooking of regular meals. Now that my kitchen is up and running…oh how I am loving my new kitchen…hubby expects to get back to home cooked meals. Although, he was pretty sweet about it last night and made himself frito pie.


  4. Get well soon so you can break in the new kitchen! It's funny, I always say if I won the lottery (or any kind of windfall) I'd remodel the kitchen, bring in natural gas, etc. My kitchen is only 13 years old and went from one of them South Florida walk in kitchen (long and skinny) to a big square room … still not big enough! 🙂 Hope the soup turned out yummy!


  5. Baked potatoes are always a good thing to serve up because everyone will eat them however you present them! I've got a crock pot suggestion to give a try for baking them one day … I hate having to wait the hour or so in the oven and heating up the house while they cook … might have to make this a project this weekend!


  6. Yes, it can be tedious, and I'm thankful that it's not 100% mandatory but I really need to make a better effort so it doesn't BECOME mandatory! Hope you enjoy the buffalo salad, it's become one my all time favorites 🙂


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