Frugal Activities #8

I really like posting this weekly. It makes me much more aware of what I’m doing and how I’m doing it … be it shopping, paying bills, cleaning house or cooking … everything is given a little extra thought. Of course, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much extra thought is given, we have our moments of unfrugalness. Is that a word? Well, a proper word?

I’m trying to really be more frugal in everything I do now … I mean heck, we are living on my income AND drawing funds from our investment account … I’m not too pleased with that and if downsized, it wouldn’t be necessary … but Hubby’s not ready to do that yet (note: we’ve lived in the same house since the mid 80’s, have over $700,000 in equity at the low end and all 3 cars and boat are paid for … the insurances, taxes and utilities are whats killing me).

I had a good week last week, although, mostly because I was sick all week. I did hit Walmart, ALDIS and Publix on Saturday when I was out to see my dad. Spent more than I planned but that just means that much less to spend next week.

Here’s what we did …

1.  Menu planned and stuck with it about 60%. My #1 Frugal Tip for anyone, shop from your pantry / freezer / fridge and plan your menu from there … we ate a lot of leftovers. I had a smoothie one night.

2.  Paid all 75% of the bills for the month, online, of course.

3.  Downloaded a few library books for reading enjoyment.

4.  Used the smartphone and Pandora for inspiration while working out at home and walking.

5.  Browsed Pinterest for a few new motivational ideas.

6.  Stopped at Fresh Market Tuesday to pick up the ground beef (85/15) for $2.99 per pound and whole chicken breast for $2.99 per pound. Spent total of $33.xx … also picked up a few cucumbers, peppers, more greens and a 12 oz bag of cooked salad shrimp.

7. Skipped out on Costco for another week! Big deal for me … although I am thinking it’s coming soon!

8.  Returned the 6 pack of Keurig coffee things to Publix and exchanged them for the 16 pks … I wasn’t paying attention to realize the Latte ones were only 6 pks … sorry folks, not doing that! Hubby should be happy to have …

And then, of course, some of our not so frugal things:

1.  Went out to eat on Wednesday as all the family was home, I was late leaving work and just had a weak moment. So we went to the Japanese Buffet place … $87 out of my pocket and the kids paid the tip. I am not sure why I reason with myself that it’s justified in that we all sit around the table, eating slowly and chatting about everything and nothing? Is it because I’m relaxed in knowing that I have nothing to do after we are finished eating? Is that worth $100?

2.  Left work an hour early on Friday to rush home and meet Hubby to enjoy some adult beverages (frozen strawberry margaritas, recipe coming soon!) … but had to stop at store on way home to get cheese and stuff for our upcoming Italian Dinner we had planned for Saturday … spent $28 at Whole Foods, $6 at Publix AND $78 at ABC Liqours … Hubby had told me that morning to just use the Patron I had on hand for the drinks … I didn’t want to because its “woody” tasting and not good for mixed drinks … unfortunately, I grabbed a nice bottle of wine that I can’t get at grocery store ($16), bottle of Baileys to go with the Patron XO I have ($18), 2 9 pks of Coors ($19) and a bottle of Camarena Tequila ($18) …. all I went for was the beer which should have cost me $15 had they had the 15 pk I wanted … ugg… I need to gain MORE WILLPOWER!

Bless Hubby’s heart … he’s on a mission to just use what we have … I am sort of looking forward to posting Frugal Activities #9 as he has planned a big dinner party for 12 of us Saturday night for an Italian Feast … woohoo … I had went to Whole Foods to pick up the Parm. Reg. cheese he had requested … everything else is on hand, INCLUDING appetizers and salad … yeah!

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