Week 63 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

AND … entering Week 39 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures … can I tell you how much FUN this is??

I had such high hopes to do a lot of batch cooking today, Sunday. Unfortunately, I had one too many glasses of red wine and Fireball Whiskey ::shudder:: That and the time change really had me a hot mess for most of the day. Finally got moving around 3pm and that was just to do some laundry so I’d have some clean clothes for the workweek! Notice how LATE my menu plan is coming up??

We had a big italian dinner Saturday night with 4 other couples … and had a blast. What was suppose to be an early night lasted til the early hours of the morning, time change be damned. Luckily theres leftovers!

Sunday – leftover pasta and Olive Garden Salad and Dressing (I need to update that link…). Hubby made the awesome sauce with what we had on hand, I had picked up the parmesean reggiano and one of my girlfriends brought me NEW pasta since I discovered about an hour before everyone was coming that I had dreaded wevils! Thankfully I only had 1 other box of pasta in the pantry and they all went straight to the trash can outside.


Monday – late night for me at the office. Hubby took it upon himself to batch cook some chicken breast and some chicken sausage (both from freezer) so I would have some protein for my salads this week (no lunchmeat, no precooked bacon left … I sooooo need to hit Costco!). I ended up having a salad with more dressing and some chicken on the side …

Tuesday – Stopped at Fresh Fresh Market during lunch hour to pick up the $2.99 85/15 ground beef special along with 2 bags of salad. Dinner was, again, chicken and salad for me, Hubby had more pasta and sauce. We were both happy!

Wednesday  – it’s Survivor Night … I’ve missed the first 2 episodes already and have had to watch them On Demand … not the same!  Hubby has a meeting in the afternoon (lunch) so dinner will be light … more salad, dressing AND chicken 🙂 I promise, all is well in the household!

Thursday – everyone will be sick of salad and chicken by now, I’m sure (I eat it every day for lunch too!) so I’m looking at Taco (salads) … will make a batch of salsa too so I can use up some of my cilantro I have growing on the patio. Hubby is pulling the boat out today so he won’t want a big fuss for dinner… (beef in freezer, balance of taco shells and ingredients in pantry. Will need to buy cheese)

Friday – I’m sure we will have friends over … looking to make burgers on the grill with a nice cuke & tomato salad on the side  

Saturday – Not sure what to plan … it could be a heavy work day on the boat in driveway … I’d like to pull out some steaks (from Hubby buying the whole filet on Valentines Day) and make a little extra for steak salad during the upcoming week but we shall see … it’s up to Hubby!

What are YOU making this week?

Linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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