Frugal Activities #9

I do like posting this weekly update as it keeps me a little more accountable … I share both my frugal activities and my NOT so frugal activities. Some things are obvious, whereas, others, not so much … I’m trying to track those little Ben Franklins a lot more closely now that we are approaching the 40th week of Unemployment for Hubby … looking at that number makes me put things in a little different perspective.

Hubby had a pretty eventful week on the job front … call from someone he’s been speaking with for SEVERAL years and then 2 calls out of the blue which are almost too good to be true. I see a light in his eyes now when I speak to him and it makes me so much happier to see that ūüôā …

Here are some of the frugal activities we did this past week:

1. ¬†Did my own nails again. They are actually doing well now that I invested a little more money in the skip chip base and a better base/top coat … What I paid for these 2 products that will probably last 6 plus months is the same cost of ONE manicure. FRUGAL!

2. ¬†We hosted a big italian dinner on Saturday night and used what we had on hand EXCEPT for the cheese. See the not so frugal activities visit to Whole Foos …

3.  Opted to buy frozen pizzas at the last minute to make an easy dinner instead of going out. $8 out of pocket was certainly a frugal option for the 4 of us!

4. ¬†Skipped out on Costco again this week, but there is a big trip in the works for this weekend … I know … I know … Hubby has even requested a few things, so it’s time …

5. ¬†Ate dinner (or some form of “food”) all week at home! This was a good thing as I get the sense of “I deserve to go out to eat” when I have a big day at work … this week, we stayed in … Friday we went to a friends house but just took beer, cheese and crackers that we already had on hand … sweet!

6. ¬†I sometimes forget to mention it, but I do make my breakfast and lunch every day before leaving for work and have gotten really good at saying “no thanks” when the boys order out at lunchtime. Don’t get me wrong, not that I wouldn’t love to have that awesome cheesy pizza from Dough Boys … but I really need to stay focused and dedicated to eating healthier and get this 10 (ok, honestly? 15!!!) pounds off of my body!

And of course, here are some of our not so frugal activities:

1.  Whole Foods on a Saturday morning, with the Boy in tow.  Had went to return the cheese I had picked up ($10!) to exchange for the RIGHT cheese. Not a big deal to do that but somehow, still walked out spending $58.

2. ¬†I had NO cash in my wallet all week which had me using my debit card. Honestly, I spend WAY less when I use cash … just because I know I only have x amount to spend.

I shopped a lot this past week. Each stop was for specific sale items with matching coupons but then I got sucked in to the gallon of milk at $4.25, frozen pizzas for $4 each and so on. I attribute this overspending to the fact that I did NOT have cash on hand, just a debit card. Seriously. I probably spent … oh, hmmm, around $150.00? I don’t even know unless I go get my receipts because I used the debit card and nothing in my wallet says “holy crap Jan, you blew the $100 for the week already!” … raise your hand if you know exactly what I mean??

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