Week 64 Menu Plan – Using What We Have …

And … entering Week 40 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures … never, ever did  I think it would be this long. The good news is that there was a lot of activity last week and the 3 potential opportunities would be excellent if chosen … fingers crossed, say a prayer or two and I’ll keep you posted!

The Boy and I did a trip to Costco on Saturday morning. I held out for a few weeks and finally, even Hubby was requesting stuff. My #1 mistake was in taking the Boy with me … and saying YES too many times. But he’s gotten much more conscientious of food intake and I can’t argue with him on his choices …

So with THAT big trip out of the way, I need to be more conservative for the rest of the month … and first stop will be to the bank to get some more cash in my wallet … I did A LOT of shopping last week using my debit card and honestly, couldn’t even tell you how much I spent. I’m tempted to gather the receipts and check them out but afraid of the number I will see after I add to the Costco bill … but I do know that I spent way more than I would have if I used cash instead … this past week just reminded me that I truly DO need to stick with cash and leave the debit/credit cards at home!

Finally got around to making the Crock pot Chicken Chili I’ve been referencing the past few weeks. You will definitely be seeing the recipe as it’s a keeper! 

So, here’s what we have planned for Week 64 of Using What We Have!

Sunday – Salad with grilled chicken and homemade salad dressing. I’m glad to have an abundance of lettuce, peppers and such for now! Chicken from freezer

Monday – (Yes, I know it’s Saint Patricks Day and Happy St. Patty’s Day to you! … we don’t celebrate the day as most do, rather, for us, it’s a low key celebration of life for Hubby … he prefers it to be quiet and calm … see post on Monday) Chicken Chili … recipe coming soon (trust me, it’s worth it!). Chicken from freezer balance of ingredients were in fridge and pantry (this was made on Saturday and saved for dinner tonight!)

Tuesday – Taco (salad) Tuesday!  Beef turkey from freezer, balance from fridge/pantry. Using turkey at Hubby’s request since I have 3 packages in freezer.

Wednesday – Crockpot Day! Ranchy Pork Chops with mashed taters. Chops from freezer, taters are premade from fridge. Will most likely offer a small salad on the side.

Thursday – I’m thinking this needs to be clean out the fridge / leftover night … if nothing available, salad and sandwiches (salad in fridge, lunchmeat in fridge).

Friday – Hubby’s Choice … not really sure as I type this what we have planned … might convince him to make some of the chicken sausage from freezer with tater tots or something along those lines

Saturday – Hubby’s Choice – again, not sure what’s planned, we do have some nice filet mignon left in the freezer that I would like to cook up before too much more time passes …

What are YOU planning for the week?  Go check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday for 100’s of other menu plans!

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