Week 65 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

AND … entering Week 41 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures … I’m really, really, REALLY hoping this is the last time I type that sentence in … things are starting to really happen around here so fingers crossed …

I stayed out of the grocery stores last week after the BIG Costco trip … we sort of stuck with the plan last week… but did celebrate Princess getting a new job by going out on Thursday night AND then caving in and ordering pizza on Friday night … Otherwise, the other 5 days were great! Those 2 nights, however, were double what my normal grocery budget is … and I used the balance of the grocery money I had set aside for same … that sort of bummed me out to realize the cost by doing it THAT way … I did go back to the bank and grabbed $200.00 and divided it up in to $60, $60 and $60 and put the last $20 back to the Boy as he stopped at Aldis for me to pick up milk, bread and bananas … had I made that stop, I would have probably spent $40 or so. I’m aiming to stay out this week too for the most part, except I will stop at Fresh Market to get the beef and chicken on sale …

 Not sure what kind of excitement this week will be bringing beside me being busy at work, Princess and her new job and Hubby moving forward on his negotiations … so I’m going to try and keep it simple and realistic …

I plan to spend an hour or so Sunday afternoon boiling eggs, making a few batches of salad dressing and salsa and prepping all the salad stuff for the week … makes my mornings a lot easier when all I have to do is layer the salad stuff in a bowl and head to work …

Here’s what we are planning:

Sunday – Tacos (salad) with all the fixins … ground turkey from freezer, all the fixins are in fridge and pantry. Will make a batch of salsa also with stuff from pantry, cilantro growing on the patio

Monday – Soup and Salad night (sandwich for those who prefer that). The soup is using what’s in the fridge/pantry and freezer … salad stuff in fridge (prepped all on Sunday)

Tuesday – Aussie Chicken … haven’t made this in a while so I’m excited … will stop at Fresh Market on way home and stock up on chicken breast and 85/15 ground beef, both at $2.99 per pound … have some real good bacon left in freezer and will use canned shrooms.  I made a batch of honey mustard dressing on Sunday …

Wednesday – Crockpot day … still hunting down a new pork chop recipe to try, otherwise, ranchy pork chops it will be. Chops are in the freezer and balance of ingredients in pantry (I hope!)

Thursday – leftovers to clean out the fridge … otherwise sandwiches and salad for all

Friday – Bratwurst and hot dogs (chicken sausage?) … will have a mini celebration of Princess first full week at her new job … have brats, dogs and sausage in freezer and will probably serve up fries on the side as I have a few bags in the freezer also. Will need to have someone pick up buns.

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … I’m thinking steaks as we still have the rest of the beef in the freezer from Valentine’s Day and I’d really hate for that to get freezer burned.

What are YOU planning for the week?

Linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

1 thought on “Week 65 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. The Aussie chicken looks really good! Your menus always sound so wonderful.


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