Week 71 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Life has been so very busy and my mind has been preoccupied with real world things.  It’s nice that Hubby is back to work and seems to be enjoying himself (he figures this is last HooRah!) but man oh man, he did a lot to help me out …

Work has been very very busy this past week, hence, I haven’t listed a Frugal Activities post OR the Menu Plan … yikes!  And quite honestly, every night last week was a pretty much fend for yourself and create something … I personally had nachos one night, a turkey and roast beef sandwich on a bagel and a few nights was just a couple of beers. NOT good food decisions, you agree?

And THEN … more drama: we went to go boating on Saturday and saw that the floor was covered in steering fluid oil … apparently something happened last week on our way home from Boca Bash and we failed to notice the not so slow drip … uggg … and THEN … more drama (things come in 3’s right?)the kitchen sink started as a slow drain on Saturday morning. Didn’t think too much of it and then BAM it stopped draining. While I had a dishwasher full of dirty dishes AND a sink full of dishes. Go figure.

The THIRD thing? My phone took a ride down the long hallway, just like a bowling ball and scored a strike. Needless to say I’m thankful I did NOT cancel the insurance I had, although it irritates me that I had to pay $150.00 for a phone that’s 2 years outdated … but still better than $450.00 for a new phone (which would have required me to change my plan as TMobile is trying to eliminate the cheaper plan we have as a family …

So this week, with the BIG 5 0 being yesterday (Happy belated Cinco de Mayo all!) I really need to get re-focused on back on track, regardless of how busy life has been … not to mention, I’m dealing with a touch of vertigo and a slight, nagging headache so first things first: FOOD!

Sunday – Hubby made some concoction in the crock pot with a package of mushrooms, beef gravy and frozen meatballs … I skipped out BECAUSE I was having a hissy fit about the *%$! kitchen sink being a slow drain and then just backing up. Pretty much summed up my attitude this past week and the yummy mango margaritas only made me weepy 😉 Promise to get a post up on these even though it will miss the big day for tomorrow!

Monday – Happy Cinco de Mayo … it’s my birthday (everyone sing!)  Hubby was able to get away from the so-called meeting and dinner afterwards for a group from California, we headed out to the local Japanese steakhouse/sushi joint for a quick bite, non Mexican related to avoid the crowds!

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … since we didn’t celebrate last night! Mine will be a salad …

Wednesday – Crock pot Wednesday – Ranchy Chicken in the crock pot with rice/quiona blend on the side a some frozen veggies

Thursday – leftovers …

Friday – Hubby has surprised me with a weekend getaway to Jupiter Beach Resort … he said it’s not too far away yet far enough away to feel like we escaped 😉  Can I just tell you how much I love my guy?

Saturday – same as last night … I’m so looking forward to this!

I really need to get a Frugal Activities report up soon as it’s been 2 weeks and well, with the plumber, phone, boat and NOW a little weekend getaway, the next report will be rather slim!

What are YOU making this week?  I’m linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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