Week 72 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there 😉

I spent my day recovering from our little 48 hour escape to Jupiter Resort … unpacking, putting stuff away and actually read more that afternoon than I did the 2 days away! It was just nice to be back home again and in the usual routine … not to mention, alcohol free … yikes!  I told Hubby I think I want to go on the wagon until Memorial Day Weekend … my body could probably use a little fast from that stuff … getting too old for them margaritas that early in the day and that late in the evening!

I took today (Monday) off too and am working getting some stuff done around the house, both in the kitchen and out … currently, I have a whole chicken thawing, chicken breast in the crackpot AND 4 heads of romaine lettuce draining … oh, not to mention, the bacon cooking for my breakfast 😉

I’m hoping to hit up Aldis and Whole Foods this afternoon for a few things. I know, odd combination of stores, huh? BUT Aldis has a few things the kids and Hubby like, dirt cheap (like their version of nutria-grain bars) and WF has some really yummy things, like apples and a few other fruit and veggies … so yes, I’m doing that store too!

So with those few little stops, I’m hoping that will be IT for the grocery shopping until the weekend … need to be saving my moola, you know? 🙂

Sunday – Mother’s Day … honestly, I was exhausted, as was Hubby, so we ate the rest of the shrimp along with cheese and crackers from the weekend … Princess and BF ate her leftover Doritos Crusted Chicken (from Pinterest, where else??) and veggies … Sonny Boy was at work …

Monday – Crock pot Cesar Chicken Sandwiches … another recipe that I’ve had pinned for awhile … being that I’m home for the 4 hours or so it takes to cook the chicken in the crock pot, I figured I’d give this a shot today … if it’s good and worth it, watch for a recipe soon! I plan on having mine as a lettuce wrap … chicken from freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry and fridge (ciabatta rolls in freezer from Costco)

Tuesday – It’s Mexican night! I’m thinking along the lines of tacos BUT maybe I will make the poblano stuffed peppers instead … I need price them at Aldis and WF to see if they fit the budget this week (I might just go with plain green or red peppers) …. either way, I will be using the last package of ground chicken I have in the freezer as that made a pretty tasty taco filling last time!

Wednesday – Black Bean, Corn & Chicken Salad Wraps … I’ve had this recipe forever and it’s been a while since I made it … so out it comes and Hubby will be pretty dang happy as he loves this stuff! Original recipe came from the newspaper as a way to use up your “hurricane supplies” to keep them in rotation … I need to re post the recipe with pics soon!

Thursday – leftovers and or soup and sandwiches/salad …pretty much a fend for yourself type of evening!

Friday – Generally this is Hubby’s choice tonight but will lean on him to make some burgers and/or brats on the grill … I’ve got blue cheese that I need to be using up and I’m a big sucker for a blue cheese bacon burger 😉 Will need to pick up buns (brats in freezer, beef in freezer) … I’m really really wanting to try and make the burgers in a crock pot one day soon!

Saturday – somehow, I’m hoping this is a work on the boat day so we can go boating NEXT weekend … if so, I will be in charge of the food … thinking of crashed taters and Aussie Style Chicken

And there you have it … my plan for the week … What are YOU making??

Linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out for tons of other menu plans!

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