Week 73 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

There was way too much activity going on around the pool on Sunday that I didn’t even think of posting the Weekly Menu Plan until 10pm … and quite honestly, I was in bed, ready to watch Mad Men … and promptly fell asleep.

That’s what happens when your kids decide to host an impromptu Craft Beer Tasting, poolside.

It was fun, but whoa, some of them beers are just a little too much for me to deal with! Who would have thought a beer could have a 13% alcohol content? Tasted horrible too so not a big deal in the end!

Hubby was a good guy and made BBQ Sauce (summer time is HERE!! Recipe coming soon, promise!) along with some marinara sauce to go with my planned dinner for the evening … which he followed perfectly! My bad in that I forgot to grab the watermelon and pineapple I had cut up that morning to remember to eat it before it went bad!

Saturday afternoon, I cleared out the produce drawers. What a disappointment that was … I DO have a tendency to overbuy produce and then forget about what I bought exactly IF I don’t prep it within the day of buying … ūüė¶ Was very sad to toss out as much as I did but at least now I know exactly WHAT I have in the fridge!

Ok, enough of that … here’s what we are planning for the week!

Sunday – Meatball Subs (with Hubby’s marinara sauce) along with a couple of beef kabobs that I had picked up at Whole Foods. Was afraid I wouldn’t have enough food (a lot of kids were around) but we did! Even though I forgot to pull the fresh fruit out! Meatballs from freezer (Costco), sub rolls from Publix (freezer), sauce ingredients from pantry. I also served up the rest of the salad from the night before with the dressing (OG style) … good stuff!

Monday – LEFTOVERS from Saturday and Sunday nights! (grilled chicken breast, crashed taters and beef kabobs)

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday …. tacos with all the fixins (make mine a salad!) (using ground chicken¬†from freezer, fixins in fridge, including cheese)

WednesdayPhilly Cheese steak Stuffed Peppers. Peppers are in fridge (they are red, I might stop and get greens instead), roast beef, cheese, etc. are all in the fridge. Will use a can of mushrooms.

ThursdayBLT Inspired Chicken Salad. We actually made the chicken in this marinade Saturday night with the crashed taters. It was so yummy I decided I wanted to make the salad this week! All salad stuff in fridge, chicken in freezer (may want to get some fresh basil?)


Friday – Soup and Sandwiches (for an easy Friday night) … looking at grilled ham and cheese (both in fridge and freezer) and maybe an impromptu French Onion Soup

Saturday – Bone In BBQ Chicken! Using Hubby’s sauce that he made … so excited! Will need to buy more chicken thighs as I’ve only got a package or two in the freezer I think.¬† Most likely, Hubby will make a batch of baked beans. I will probably also toss together a cabbage salad (or maybe slaw?) and will need to buy all the stuff for that!

As I will need to go to the store for a weekend BBQ I’m going to stay very focused on what we need specifically for the weekend ONLY! ūüôā Wish me luck!

Linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday! Go check it out!

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