Week 74 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

I hope everyone had a wonderful 3 day weekend in honor of Memorial Day!

We fished on Saturday … grilled and partied on Sunday and cleaned and relaxed on Monday. Oy! I couldn’t deal with the kitchen and bar floor when I woke up at 7am Monday … went back to bed and just fidgeted … was mopping by 7:45am … headache or not, it was driving me nuts knowing that there was sticky stuff all over. Where it came from, I’m not sure, but having 15 to 18 people going in and out of the pool, grilling, eating, drinking (them baby Guinness’s??!!) and then repeat about 100 times and the floor took a beating.

But it was fun and I would do it again! 🙂 … However, it should be noted that I am on the wagon in more ways than one:

Food (both intake and purchasing) has been a little out of control. Been a long time since I’ve seen the $200 on the screen at PUBLIX (Costco, I can accept, but NOT Publix). Even though I menu plan each and every week, we don,’t always stick to the plan, even remotely. Need to get back on track!

Booze … ummm, I don’t suppose I need to say much more on this. It seems I say I need to give it a rest every week, huh? I think this time, I mean it!

Sunshine … I’m pretty brown right now and it’s only LATE May … Saturday, we left the dock at 8am and didn’t get back til 4ish … kept my long sleeve shirt on all day long as I knew I’d be out in the sun on Sunday … I’m glad I did as Hubby got a little too much color on his arms (yes, we applied sunscreen … it’s the continuous reapplication that we forget to do).

I’m going to avoid the store with the exception of some milk and salad stuff … and then probably either Thursday or Saturday, hit up Costco for the monthly run in (out of balsamic vinegar, low on olive oil, coffee, etc.) and then aiming to go on a reduced spending month for June because I can’t recall anything major going on those 30 days!

And with all that … here’s what I’m shooting for this week!

Sunday – BBQ (ribs, chicken, burgers, dogs, chicken sausage) with baked beans, fruit tray (whose brilliant idea was it to marinate the watermelon in peach vodka anyways???), veggie tray, cheese and crackers, chips and dip and fresh tomato stuff … used lots of Hubby’s Special BBQ Sauce he made (promise, the recipe is up this week!)

Monday – repeat of Sunday, minus the watermelon, cheese and crackers, chips and dip

Tuesday – plan to cook up the rest of the burgers and call it a day! I might grab a bag of tater tots out of the freezer, just because 😉 … hoping to have the energy to whip up some blue cheese dressing to top it all off with too!

Wednesday – sausage with peppers and onions. Will use the rest of the chicken sausage that was not cooked (I could easily toss these in the freezer, but I already have tons in there! A guest brought these on Sunday)

Thursday – soup and salad/sandwich, leftovers, whatever!

Friday – Chicken on the grill … I’m aiming to get the freezers cleaned and organized at some point, hopefully this week, if not, that chore will be my Friday night activity … hopefully keep me away from the blue mountains

Saturday – Hubby’s choice…

What are YOU planning for the week?  Go check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday linkup party … tons of ideas!

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