Frugal Activities #15

I really like posting this every week (when I have the time!) as it keeps me more accountable and makes me think twice about some things 🙂

It’s been a real busy week for me, work wise … which is good, I suppose in that it keeps me out of the stores for the most part … and with Hubby being busy too, we are not likely to say “lets go grab dinner” if we both get home late and the menu plan falls on the wayside.

Yes, the menu plan DID fall on the wayside, but its all good in the neighborhood 🙂

Thankful I still have this lovely premade margarita stuff and the salt and THE LIMES (crap, they were 3 for $1.99 last week at Publix!)

Here are some of the Frugal Activities we did this past week:

1.  Stayed home all weekend long. Granted, I did spend a ton of money on Friday before the holiday weekend, but had everything I need to get through 3 days of bbq, pool party type entertaining. Thankfully.

2.  I’m really low on coffee for the Keurig. I was using the refillable filter thingys but then decided to just give up coffee on Monday … I made it all week, so far so good. I am substituting green tea in the morning. One cup does me good, as opposed to 3 cups of coffee. That sounds like a good plan to me!

3.  Hubby and I DID go out on Thursday night to Sweet Tomatoes … I used my coupon and for the 2 of us, paid $24 plus $5 tip. Yes, we are generous on the tips, but they work hard clearing the tables and I see alot of people do NOT leave a tip.

4.  Packed my breakfast and lunch all 4 days of work this week.  I did skip my lunch today (Friday) as I was just too busy to stop and eat a salad.

5.  Made my salad dressing each morning instead of using bottled. I’m getting a little low on the bottled stuff and start to see another uprising similar to the BBQ Sauce scene 😉

6.  Came straight home from work on Friday night instead of stopping at the store. A long day and I was so very tired, I knew I would just put stuff in my cart that looked good. That’s the margarita you see above that I am enjoying as I type this 😉

Can you believe it, that’s all I could come up with for Frugal Activities? Yikes!

And now … some of our NOT so Frugal Activities …

1.  Stopped at Whole Foods on Tuesday to pick up more salad stuff … only wanted to get 2 containers of baby greens … should have been $6 … got sucked into a few other items (tahini??!! Why would I pick THAT up?) and spent $22

2.  Took my dad to the VA Wednesday as he’s been having issues swallowing (has a spasm and can’t breathe, scares the snot out of me when it happens!) … stopped at Aldis on my way home since it’s seriously RIGHT THERE … $130.00 … ahem. Really. How does one spend $130 at Aldis? I need to review my receipt again!

3.  Forgot to get gas before I picked up my dad so ended up spending $3.79 instead of $3.63 a gallon. Ouch.

That’s all I have to report for the week … nothing really exciting as I’m just mentally drained from work … thankful it’s Friday evening and would love to just stay home all weekend long again …

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