Week 75 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

I have to be honest, sometimes the menu plan goes straight out the window when I come home from work … it’s been busy at work and I’ve just been so tired with no ambition to go fire up the stove/oven/grill … luckily this past week we were able to eat leftovers 3 nights, one night out, one night I grilled some chicken real quick and then Saturday, I pulled a whole meal from the freezer, much to Hubby’s delight (chops, rice with broccoli and salad with the olive garden dressing I whipped up).  I guess what I’m trying to say is that in the perfect world, yes, we will have this Monday, that Tuesday and so on … but I do NOT live in a perfect world 😉 and it’s ok to improvise as needed.

However, I am a firm believer in still making a weekly plan. If nothing else, I KNOW what I have on hand to prepare for dinner … and I would say most times, 80% at least, we follow the plan. When you see a repeat on the menu from the previous week, you can make a safe assumption that the 20% (or more) was on that particular evening!

This week, I’m hoping to really stick with the plan … it shouldn’t be too difficult as Hubby will be traveling all this week, through the weekend and not returning til next Wednesday evening. I have a lot of things that I’d really like to get done if at all possible while he’s out … but I also know that if any of my girlfriends (who are single) get wind of this, they will start singing the POOL PARTY / GIRLS NIGHT song … but I really don’t want to go there as a) I have a lot of stuff I want to accomplish; b) I’d like to go on the wagon from alcohol (which I should be able to do if I’m by myself!); c) I want to live as frugal as possible for the next 10 days and d) I just need some quiet time.  

There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? Of course not!

Hubby has already told me that I should NOT go to Costco while he’s gone … he’s right, I shouldn’t but I might still next weekend … but I want to clean out the big pantry and the 3 freezers FIRST … which is on my list of things to accomplish!  The only thing I see at the moment that I need to pick up this week is eggs and salad stuff (hopefully can hold out til Wednesday but may just stop at the store on Monday after work to be done!)

Ok, here’s what I’m looking at for the week as a single girl (umm, Princess will be here so she might want some thing to eat too, along with the Boy on the nights when he’s not working?) … 

Sunday – Hubby is still home … 

Monday – A Simple Shrimp Dish … I’m guessing that the Boy is working so I can whip out the shellfish 😉 Shrimp from the freezer and I will use the sweet mini peppers I have in the fridge instead of buying more

Tuesday – out to my favorite little pub with my my best girlfriend/neighbor who is heading out of state for the summer … I miss her when she’s gone and we agreed on Saturday night to go get a bite to eat and NO drinks! Figure on about $15 out of pocket

Wednesday – I’m looking at Evil Steak Salad … I need to root around in the freezer but I’m quite certain I have a small steak (or bits of tenderloin) that I can cook up to make this … yummm …. at this time I have lots of baby greens in the fridge, if they are still in existence, great, if not I will stop at Whole Foods to pick up more. Avocado, mango, and dressing ingredients are in house also.

Thursday – Damn Fine Chicken (first try) … will use bone in thighs (freezer) in the crock pot and then finish it off in the oven under the broiler. If this is yummy, will post my version of the recipe 😉

Friday – Friday, at long last … not sure who will be here, if the kids and boyfriends/girlfriends … looking to take an easy way out and just grill some chicken breast (freezer) with a small salad on the side with homemade dressing

Saturday – gosh, this is usually Hubby’s night to decide … I think I’m going to leave it open, regardless for leftovers, or what not. I sort of want to go to Lauderdale By The Sea for their block party (Hubby and I ran across it this past Saturday when we were out shopping for new sunglasses for him) but that would entail inviting a girlfriend or two which would lead to a few beers or more and a late night which I do NOT want to do, so I might just stick with a movie night for myself (Redbox, here I come!). Dinner could very well be a bag of microwave popcorn! From the pantry, of course!

What are YOU planning for the week?  Go check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party … tons of others link up!

1 thought on “Week 75 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Wanting a quiet night is totally normal! – according to me anyhow :)I'm curious to hear what you think of the damn fine chicken. I've heard great things about all her recipes!


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