Week 76 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

It’s that time of week again!

Hubby finally gets home on Wednesday … whew. I’ve had all kinds of exciting adventures while he’s been gone … a few nights were dealing with wildlife that has no business in MY house and the cats have been thoroughly talked to. It apparently doesn’t make a difference as a tree frog was being chased around the TV in the bedroom at 5am Sunday morning. Thankfully a shoebox over him in the hallway (they jump pretty damn high!) managed to let me go back to sleep for an hour before having to deal directly with him. Damn cats.

And of course, there was the 2 dinners out with the kids, night out with girlfriend on Friday and then Saturday night had a different girlfriend over til 11:30 enjoying refreshing adult beverages.

I obviously have NOT gotten a whole lot done on my list of things I wanted to do (clean out freezers, pantry, sock drawer, dresser, etc.). I still have a few days to accomplish some of these tasks, but I’m not very confident!

So. About last week. The only thing that went according to plan was the Damn Fine Chicken that was made on Saturday, NOT Thursday … ahem. It was good. Not sure if I would necessarily recommend the crock pot and definitely next time I would recommend finishing it off on the grill. The broiler just didn’t cut it for me as much as I’d like it too.  I will be posting the recipe soon.

Grocery shopping has been minimal. I did hit up Costco on Thursday and got some veggies, eggs, turkey (lunch meat) and some pre-cook beef/steak but that’s it. Publix was hit up on Saturday, which half way through, realized that I forgot my coupons so put back a lot of stuff … still spent $40 ($17 of it was Coronas) but picked up bananas, boneless skinless chicken breast, taco seasoning, beer, single serve yogurt cups, a few cans each of corn and green beans, fresh grapefruit juice (for the beverages later that night), milk, and a 3 pack of zucchini for Saturday nights dinner (used only f1 so will need to be cooking up more!)

I cooked up a double batch of taco meat and a double batch of beanless chili on Sunday. I am wanting to freeze half of each and the other half is to be eaten this week 😉

Ok, here’s what I’ve got planned for the week!

Sunday – Meatball Sub Casserole … this is a new recipe that I found over at Table for Seven … I have the meatballs in freezer, cheese in fridge, marinara sauce in freezer. I will either use the King Hawaiian Rolls in the pantry or the ciabatti rolls from the freezer (I think this will work). I originally wanted to do Chili Cheese Dogs but we had a wicked storm come through and I realized that I just didn’t need to go to the store today, period. I wish … all the kids and their girlfriends/boyfriends showed up … ordered pizza … $33 later!

Monday – Ok, let’s try the Meatball Sub Casserole again!

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday! Will have a taco lettuce wrap using the artisan baby lettuce leaves (fresh salsa in fridge, taco meat made Sunday, rest of fixings in the fridge). I have a feeling that Princess will have a taco salad

Wednesday – Hubby comes home tonight, but I don’t think we will be home til 9pm or so … this should be an easy meal to make: Three Way Chili (pasta is leftover from a week ago that was stuffed in the freezer!). Chili was made on Sunday and cheese in the fridge

Thursday – grill out with the kids, Chili Cheese Dogs with Sweet Potato Fries or tater tots (both in freezer). Dogs in freezer, chili being made earlier in day, cheese in fridge and I will have someone pick up the buns!

Friday – it’s FRIDAY! 🙂 Grillin baby, a Simple Summer Supper

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … I’m thinking that we might go boating since it’s Father’s Day on Sunday … either way, his choice, and I might push him towards making some of the Mahi Mahi that’s in the freezer along with some rice with broccoli (he makes a killer rice, broccoli and lemon combination) … I don’t have any steaks (I don’t think, maybe I do, hopefully I’ll find something when I get around to cleaning the freezer!)

What are YOU making for dinner this week?  Go check out Organized Junkie Menu Plan Monday party for tons of other menus!

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