100 Days of Happiness – Days 7 – 11

Let’s be honest, sometimes you have to make an effort to be happy. Yeah, I get it, the car wouldn’t start, the sink clogged up, the air conditioning bit the dust, you got behind the biggest jerk on the interstate … and all those things just make for a pretty shitty day and attitude.

I get it. Believe me, I really do.

BUT … everyday, there is SOMETHING out there that makes you happy. Sometimes, you don’t even realize it as everything else just takes over. Real Life is difficult, I know.

So. I propose to do 100 Days of Happiness.  Basically, just post something (most likely just a picture with a little caption as I don’t think I can dedicate the time to do a whole post daily!) and most likely, that picture taken with the cell phone … 

Some things will be materialistic (sorry), other things will be nature, animals, doings, people, etc. It just depends on what pops up in my day to day happenings 🙂  I am honestly hoping that I have more than ONE thing to choose from each day since I will be making more of an attempt to find happiness … 

If you are interested in sharing your findings too, feel free to leave a link in the comment section … I’d love to see what brings YOU happiness! I will also make it a point to pin any posts that you share on my 100 Days of Happiness Board (go ahead and follow!)

Days 7 to 11
I’ve been sick … some kind of throat virus that ended up with a chest xray, antibiotics, inhaler, breathing treatments and steriods due to bronchitis. O M G 

I didn’t cook from Saturday until Friday morning … it was bad. McDonalds drive through every morning for breakfast … half the sausage mcmuffin for breakfast and other half for lunch. Then soup one night and green tea.

So glad that we have insurance again that pays for prescriptions!

Friday morning I was coming back to life … but now Hubby is down as is Princess so I pulled stuff from pantry and freezers to make a chicken sausage & bean soup for dinner. Not our normal Friday night feast but so glad that I feel up to cooking again!

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