Frugal Activities #18

I really like posting this somewhat weekly as it keeps me accountable and does make me think twice about some things!

I’ve been sick. Like REALLY sick … didn’t menu plan … didn’t do anything for Hubby on Father’s Day … lucky that I was able to get to work and at least push papers around every day … it’s been a long time since I’ve been that sick. Needless to say, being sick can make you very frugal, but it can also bring out bad habits …

Here’s a few of the Frugal Activities that we did around here this past week:

1.  Stayed out of the grocery stores ALL WEEK long. It’s been one week since I’ve stepped in a grocery store. I’m not dying yet either. Miracles!

2.  Made more foaming soap for the kitchen. I wasn’t up to doing dishes so just threw a batch together and told the kids to either use the dishwasher or use the soap but DO NOT LOAD UP THE SINK with dirty dishes.

3.  Opted to do a walk in clinic at CVS instead of the doctors … with my co-pay it cost $30. Unfortunately, the CVS clinic would not prescribe anything as I had very limited respiration in my lungs and she strongly suggested I get a chest xray to make sure all was really ok. I didn’t have the energy to be worried (never had a chest xray, couldn’t think clearly to wonder WHY I needed it, just took her advice) and went to an urgent care clinic for chest xray, diagnosis of bronchitis, breathing treatment and 3 scripts … all for $100. No, not cheap BUT a heck of a lot cheaper than a trip to ER for a chest xray which my doctor probably would have recommended.

4.  My boss bought me lunch on Wednesday (a cup of french onion soup) as he felt bad for me plugging away every day in the office.

5.  Made a soup with ingredients from the freezers and pantry on Friday at the last minute since I was feeling better and didn’t have anything planned. Saved a trip to the store and/or drive thru!

And of course, some of my NOT so Frugal Activities …

1. Skipped out on Menu Planning … didn’t matter as I didn’t eat dinner Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Hubby came home Thursday with a major sore throat (he was traveling) and we opted to do a quick stop at our favorite pub, food only, no alcohol.

2.  Stopped at McDonalds Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning for a sausage mcmuffin which fed me breakfast and lunch those 3 days.

I’m sure there were more to be added to both lists but I’m still trying to get back to normal 😉

What kind of Frugal Activities did you do?

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Activities #18

  1. Feel better. Did you lose any weight? That'd be nice. I often lose weight when I am ill. That end result always makes me feel better!


  2. Thanks … yes, I did lose about 5 pounds, however it stinks to lose weight that way 😦 Most likely will gain it back once I'm on the full road to recovery (which I'm working on!)


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