Week 78 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Whew … what a week it was last week, and then some. I was pretty sick and then the Princess and Hubby started up with it … uggg.

Didn’t even plan anything last week, everyone fended for themselves, I pretty much skipped out on dinner each night. Not good but when you feel as bad as I did, it’s the way it is.

This week, however, I’m focused and planning on getting back on track … need to take care of those who are sick and relying on ME to take care of them. A mom’s job just never ends.

I stayed out of the grocery store for over a week … and no one starved to death. I did cave in and stopped at Whole Foods Saturday afternoon (just for a few things) and came home with a bunch of produce, milk and such for $106. Yikes!  I am going to try and stay out of the store this week and avoid Costco too, even though it’s calling me … I can do it!

Here’s what I’m shooting for this week:

Saturday – meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy. Yes, I added Saturday in this week, just because I’m up to cooking again and feel the need to share!  😉 I will need to share the recipe as we all enjoyed this (me, who is a big anti meatloaf kind of girl)

Sunday – Pizza – dough is in the freezer (publix had them buy one get one free a few weeks ago), cheese in fridge, toppings in fridge/pantry … thinking of margharita pizzas

Monday – leftovers OR just a simple salad for all … I’ve got a big container of baby spring mix, would toss a few of the Simply Smart Chicken pieces in the oven for some quick protein and toss all with craisins (pantry) and sliced almonds (pantry) and some honey mustard dressing (from the weekend)

TuesdayChicken Marsala – chicken in freezer, shrooms in freezer, marsala wine in wine rack. Will serve with some rice on the side

WednesdayDamn Fine Chicken (crock pot!) with leftover mashed potatoes

Thursday – I would like to think leftovers, if not, soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (um, canned tomato soup and these killer sandwiches). Soup in pantry, bread, may have to buy, cheese and wine in fridge.

Friday – I’m not sure about this evening … it’s going to be a pretty busy day at the office, we have friends coming in town, we’ve been invited to a local bar to watch a local country band perform (and our friends coming in town are NOT huge country music fans) and as of now, no one feels like doing anything (hoping the sickness clears out by then!) … if we opt to stay in and eat here, I’m pulling some brats from the freezer to use up some of the crap craft beer in the fridge … will need to buy buns. I like to top my brats with fresh diced tomatoes (a little fresh tomato stuff!) and shredded romaine lettuce … sounds odd but it’s really good! 

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … I’m rooting for anything besides chicken 😉

What are YOU planning for the week?  Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Week 78 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Your menu plan looks AMAZING!!! I want that meatloaf!


  2. So sorry to hear you and your family were ill! I am glad you are feeling better! Love the menu. Hav e a good week!


  3. Thanks Brandy 🙂 I am NOT a meatloaf fan and this was pretty tasty … I posted the recipe on Monday that I used … will be making again!


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