Frugal Activities #19

I really like doing this post as it keeps me accountable and makes me think twice about some things …

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done this update … between being sick and just not having ANY motivation, not much more to say ūüėČ

We have been somewhat frugal lately … in some areas … other areas, not so much … so here we go, our Frugal Activities for the past few weeks:

1. ¬†Utilizing the health insurance and getting to the doctor with our co-pay of $30 (that does NOT seem inexpensive at all!) … Hubby was given a z-pac, steroids and something else … I’m still dealing with this cough and some chest congestion … I’m going to have to go back to the doctor as I don’t think I’m in the clear just yet. ¬†Antibiotics and steroids cost $10 each.

2.  Staying out of the grocery stores for the most part. Did make a stop at Costco the other night on way to see dad for a few things he needed and I picked up some stuff too. Used my rebate check of $107 to apply towards the bill.

3.  Paying bills on line and saving the cost of stamp (forty nine cents??)

4.  Playing Pandora while cleaning the house. We are *this* close to having a house cleaner come every 2 weeks with each of us pitching in 1/4 of the cost (kids, me and hubby)

5. ¬†Using what we have for meals … with the exception of Friday when we met for lunch ($30)

6. ¬†Making the extra attempt to eat healthier with fresh fruit and veggies. I’ve lost 7 pounds in the past 3 weeks since I got sick. ¬†I intend to keep those 7 pounds OFF!

7. ¬†Started another Goodwill bag and decluttering a little here and there. I realize that clutter (and excess items) make me discontent with what I DO have when I can’t locate what I’m looking for (um, 4 black tshirts and I really only like ONE of them enough to wear??)

8. ¬†Again, rooting around in the freezers to find some yummy goodness to serve up for a last minute dinner on Saturday night with friends. Yes, we did pull it off (I’m always amazed that we do this) with chicken (breast) onions, mushrooms, side of crashed taters and a corn & bean salad … Hubby also did his caprese salad as one of our friends brought over fresh mozzarella … yummm …¬†

And of course, full disclosure on the NOT so Frugal Activities:

1.  Costco. Not that it was out of hand but still.

2. ¬†Lunch out on Friday afternoon with Hubby .. granted, it was $30 which honestly, that’s a lot for “diner” that we went to. ¬†The place we wanted to go to was apparently seized by the state for non-payment of taxes. Good grief!

Actually, we haven’t been doing too badly and I am seriously considering possibly doing a pantry/freezer challenge for July … as soon as I type that, the sales start coming out with great stock up prices ūüėČ You know how that goes!

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