Two Week Freezer / Pantry Challenge … Again!

Jessica over at Good Cheap Eats is always an inspiration for this little experiment … and honestly, I’m always amazed at just what we have on hand to eat … hence, the title of my weekly Menu Plan post of Using What We Have …

Thankfully, I just opened up a new box of coffee!

BUT … with the Pantry (Freezer) Challenge, it’s a little more restrictive … at least, it should be … and there is more intentional cooking going on when on the Challenge … after all, the purpose is to CLEAN OUT THE PANTRY (and FREEZERS in my case) … so, what the heck … let’s give it another shot, shall we??

Rules (for ME) …

1.  If it doesn’t go in the fridge, it’s not being bought. This will save my butt when it comes to milk (for the milk-hogs in the house), eggs (ME!) and cheese … and a few other things, such as salad fixings and so on …

2.  If it’s canned or requires a freezer, it’s out for the next two weeks, or more … see that picture? That’s the pantry that is about to be cleared out ….

3.  All 3 meals, and snacks, made IN HOUSE. Oh oh. This may cause some folks to revolt but heck, part of the purpose is to save a little money too! That’s only 21 meals a week, or 42 for the 2 weeks … but of course, once you multiply that by 4 people, it equals 168 servings. Ahem, lets just stick with the number of 42, so much less intimidating! 🙂

4.  No Costco … oh oh. This could be a problem simply because I will be right by one Monday and well, since I’m right there, it would be so much easier to just pop in!

That’s not so difficult, is it?

Of course, the first thing you should do is … INVENTORY!

Honestly, I really need to do this. I’m starting to feel much more like my usual self but still get tired pretty darn quickly so I’m going slowly on this … I want to do inventory on the top pantry (picture above) and the main kitchen freezer … that should give me a good start to know what I have and hopefully I can tackle a little project each day after work …

Follow along over at Instagram and #pantrychallenge … you just might be inspired too! (I’m really making an effort to learn more about Instagram so if you have any tips to help me along, I’d appreciate it!

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