Costco Trip … During a Pantry/Freezer Challenge??

You all know I’m doing a 2 week Pantry/Freezer Challenge, right?

Well. I had HOPED to be doing 2 weeks … I can just never do it when I PLAN to do it … must be something psychological, you think? Maybe I’ll do an unannounced challenge and see how it goes?


It’s not like there isn’t any food in this house … honestly, I’m stuffed to the gills, STILL … and now I come home tonight to find Princess trying to organize the main kitchen fridge because she can’t move the Brita out to refill it (after all these years, FINALLY, both kids will refill the damn thing!)

Hmmm. I ‘may’ have overbought last night.

My problem was I got there at 7:45 with the expectation that they were open til 9pm. W R O N G. They close at 8:30. What an odd hour to close … so I rushed in and started grabbing stuff that was on my list.

Ring. Ring. Ring … my cell phone is buzzing, doing that annoying Tmobile ring … it’s my dads girlfriends daughter so I sort of needed to answer it. Honestly, I HATE WALKING THROUGH A STORE ON MY CELL PHONE. So, I ducked in to a somewhat quiet area (yeah, right, in Costco??) to talk to her … 15 minutes later, I told her, sorry, I’m in Costco and they close in 30 minutes … disconnected that call.

Picked up about 60% of the items on my list. Bought more than one bag of snack/chips (all Gluten free) … 6 to be exact.  A few other odds and ends that were NOT really on the list. And then of course, totally blew off the rest of the list as it’s CLOSING TIME! Crap!

Here’s what I got, and try not to fall over backwards at the end … Hubby may be right in saying I have a spending problem?

2.5 lb salted cashews $15.39
large bag of organic NY Pita Chips $6.99 less $2
large bag of organic kettle chips $5.49
large bag of Summertime Blues chips $6.99 less $2
large bag of Veggie Chips (Appetizers?) $5.99 less $2 (I love these things!)
large bag of Skinnypop Cheddar Cheese popcorn $6.59
bag of Trail mix $12.69 (I think these will go back, they tasted stale?)
bag of mini peppers (ha, those aren’t the same as before!) $5.99
box of gluten free organic crackers $8.69 less $2
2 boxes of Pacific Bold Keurig coffee $34.99 each (100 pods each, Kirkland brand)(1 for work , 1 for home)
Swiffer combo sweeper / mop $69.99 less $15 (impulse buy but need something to clean up cat hair daily)
2 pack greek yogurt $6.79
Kirkland brand paper towel $14.99
Extreme Steamer (iron) $27.99 (impulse buy, sort of)
Organic 7 grain 6 packs of rice x 2 $11.49 less $2.80 each
2 packages of sliced apples $9.49 each
pkg of raspberries $4.99 (I thought these were less?)
large container organic baby salad greens $4.79
5 lb flat of tomatoes $6.49
2 6 pks of gigantic apple crumb muffins (favorite for all but ME) $6.99
2 3pks of seedless cucumbers $3.29 each
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.89
4 lbs of unsalted butter $10.49 (not a good deal at all)
2 containers half and half $2.19 each (1 for work, 1 for home)
42 count (I think) cheese sticks $11.39
2 pkgs of cut cauliflower $4.59 each
5 pk artisan baby romaine heads $3.99
large bag of organic baby carrots $5.99
bag of limes $4.49 (whoa, those were just $9 or so last time?)
bag of lemons $8.49
large container of green grapes $6.49
container of shredded Parmesan cheese $13.99
sliced blue cheese (for burgers!) $8.79 (new item, I’m excited to try on bacon blue cheeseburgers!)
42 count heartburn meds $13.99 less $3 (will most likely go back, thought it was the temporary heartburn relief, it’s not, its the stuff you take for 2 weeks)
3 pk ketchup $6.29

Grand total …. $425.13 with tax.


Notice most of the stuff is refrigerated so, technically, it COULD be Pantry Challenge friendly, but not really 😉

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