Menu Plan Monday – Week 82 Using What We Have

Ahem … and we have a LOT of stuff to be using around here …

The Pantry Challenge was a failure. Well, I shouldn’t say a complete failure … I did start to get the top pantry organized, and we did use stuff up out of the freezers and pantry … but I also added things which was supposed to be one of the main reasons for a challenge!

Now that I’ve been to Costco two (yes 2!) times in the past week, I think I need to just make every effort to stay out of the stores … I’m still working on getting the pantry inventory list up and finalized … then it will be time to tackle the freezers …

Hubby was gone all last week and flies home on Thursday night … I completely missed that he was going out for 10 days, not the 4 I had thought he said. Uggg. I was pretty sick and thankfully, FINALLY on the road to recovery … actually getting lots of stuff done now! At long last! The menu plan last week was NOT followed but we all did eat at home for 6 of the 7 nights, and all breakfast and lunches were prepared at home, so I would say the week was a success in that sense!

I’m not really making an official meal plan this week, other than lots of salads and trying to use up whats in the fridge that needs to be used before it goes bad …

I have a few new recipes I’d like to try out but honestly, I don’t know if I’ll have the time to try them … I want to get the pantry and freezers finished up and put away the rest of the food that’s still sitting on the counter from the Costco trips (rice, oatmeal, chips, etc.) …

What are YOU planning to make this week? I am looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkie Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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