Menu Plan Week #83 -Using What We Have

You know that I didn’t really do a “plan” last week as Hubby was to be out until late Thursday evening … but it all worked out well in the end and I didn’t cave in ONCE to go out and grab something quick … I gotta tell you, that’s a miracle 😉

Hubby is home all week, as it stands right now. They called him Friday afternoon (not even 24 hours after leaving) to tell him they could really use him back in the City of Angels … ummm, he said not so fast friends … he gave them tips and instructions on how to handle certain things and is giving them a few days to see if they can work it out. Said it was exhausting, even though he did get some fun time with the Stingray and the Caddy CTS … you do know that he’s a car freak, right? And I’m not talking flashy, pretty cars, but more like kick butt performance cars 😉 so that made up for the long hours and stuff he put in for the 10 days he was there …

Any way. I’m banking on him being home all week so I will do a full plan!  Not to mention, the kids, their boyfriends and girlfriends and any of our friends that pop up … they are all welcome to come graze from our abundant pantry and freezers … and because I’m sure everyone is a little curious about the household, I’ve decided to start stating how many people will be eating at that meal … it might also help me in being a little more prepared 😉 As we are all adults (54, 50, 24, 23, 21 and 20 and whatever friends within these same age groups shows up) these are full size meals.

Here’s what the week is looking like:

Sunday – easy night … leftovers. We have chicken and rice (used the basmati rice and rice cooker earlier in the day to make) with broccoli (with a squeeze of lemon juice, to die for!) from Saturday night … sausage, peppers with shrooms and onions from Friday night (and a whole loaf of french bread too!) I believe it will just be the 2 of us and the Boy so we will choose what we want. I’m also making a small garden salad.

Monday – I have 2 lbs of grass fed beef in the garage freezer that I defrosted and really need to cook up … I’m leaning towards some bacon blue cheese burgers on the grill with fries … bacon and blue cheese in fridge, fries in the freezer, buns in pantry. Anticipate 5 of us to be here eating. I’m sure the Boy will be asking about onion rings so he can make his specialty!

It is really a rather pathetic picture and he grabbed the tiniest burger he could to do this with!

Tuesday – Italian night, hopefully. I’ve got a recipe for Alfredo Sauce to share soon and I need to get some pics lined up … pasta in pantry, alfredo ingredients in fridge and will serve with a salad and the Olive Garden salad dressing … I’m even going to go for the Olive Garden salad, but alas, I don’t think the breadsticks will make an appearance! It will be just 3 of us tonight with leftovers for the Boy when he gets home from work.

Wednesday – should really be a crockpot night but the Boy will be home (and probably the girlfriend) as will the Princess and Hubby so I think I will try a new recipe for chicken, thai style, so I can use up some more rice! If its tasty, I’ll be sharing the recipe … chicken in freezer, rice in pantry (LOTS of rice in the pantry right now!) and balance of ingredients in the pantry. Anticipate 5 of us eating here.

Thursday – Crockpot Night! Damn Fine Chicken with a side of broccoli steamed in the rice cooker. I think I have like 4 or 5 packages of bone in thighs in the freezer (really need to get these organized!) and balance of ingredients in pantry. Broccoli in freezer. Just 3 of tonight.

Friday – really should be Hubby’s choice but I’m going to intervene and pull out a big hunk of beef from the freezer (flat iron or skirt steak) and hopefully my herb garden will still be going strong enough for me to make a chimichurri sauce to go along with it!  OR I might give a steak sauce recipe a shot and see how that is (Hubby was looking for some the other night which we have NONE. I knew this!). I will also make Japanese style zucchini. the zucchini is hanging out in the fridge, waiting patiently for me to prepare 😉 Most likely 6 to 8 of us this evening.

Saturday – I’m really hoping that we are going out on the boat … if so, dinner will be something simple, like sandwiches or maybe homemade pizza (dough in freezer)…we have all ingredients on hand to do either one. Again, 6 to 8 of us this evening. IF we are home, then I will opt for Ranchy Pork Tenderloin as I have everything on hand … tenderloin in freezer, veggies in fridge and pantry.

What are YOU planning for the week?  If you are in a rut, go check out Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday!

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Week #83 -Using What We Have

  1. That is my kind of burger! Love onion rings and peppers!


  2. 🙂 Sweet potato fries was the topping of choice this time around 😉 Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I love Thai food, so I also hope that it turns out and you share the recipe!


  4. Oh gosh! That chicken looks awesome! I've pinned the recipe to try later, but yummm!!!


  5. I've been craving fettuccine alfredo for the longest time but haven't looked for a recipe (I haven't found the kind you can just buy), & I can't plan that much ahead because we have a small fridge/freezer.. your menu plan looks great, thanks for sharing Diana | Life in German.[Stopping over via the link up]


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