Menu Plan Week #84 – Using What We Have

Wow, it’s AUGUST! Good grief, where has the past 8 months gone? Those of you with school aged kids have got to be feeling a little pressure that summer is coming to an end and it’s time to get back in the school groove … sort of glad, in an odd way, that I’m past that! But still, it’s AUGUST!

Last weeks menu plan was NOT followed all that much. We had leftovers a few nights, salad another night, one other night Hubby pulled out a bag of breaded chicken filets and tater tots and tossed those in the oven. It was just a very weird week, that’s all. I’m hoping that this week can be a little more healthier and on track 😉

With Bertha out there on the horizon, I feel the pressure to really get focused and get the freezers cleaned, inventoried and organized while I have the time to do so. Nothings worse than knowing a storm is heading towards you and 3 freezers stuffed full of stuff in absolutely no order! 😦 Fingers crossed that this week I can make some progress while I pull the stuff out as needed for the following evenings dinner.

With that, here’s the plan for the week!

Sunday – Dinner Franks on the grill and topped with a variety of toppings (fresh salsa, onions, relish, cheese, etc.) Dogs are in fridge (the Costco dinner size franks) buns were picked up from Costco on Friday (dad run), toppings all from fridge.  Will cut up watermelon to go along side (from Costco)

Monday – Thai Coconut Chicken (again, on the menu, not made yet!). Chicken in freezer, seasoning in pantry. Will make the coconut rice also as I have TONS of basmati rice. Coconut milk in pantry.

Tuesday – thinking I need to do a Taco Tuesday theme so taco salad it is! Beef in freezer, seasoning in pantry, salad, cheese and sour cream in fridge (I am about out of sour cream but that’s ok). I will most likely make some guac to replace the sour cream since I do have avocados! I realize I need to do a post on the Guac now!

Wednesday – Crockpot Time … Teriyaki Chicken. Chicken (thighs) from freezer and same with the veggies, balance of ingredients in fridge/pantry. Will make with MORE rice since I have a lot of rice to be using up 😉

Thursday – leftovers and/or sandwich and salads. All in fridge and pantry.

Friday – here’s hoping the evening is nice and we can grill … burgers with black bean and corn salad on the side. Beef in freezer, beans and corn in pantry, balance of ingredients in pantry/fridge.

Saturday – Hubby’s Choice  … I have a few big hunks of beef in the freezer that I’d like to use up soon … so I’m hoping maybe I can convince him to make something yummy with one hunk. Not quite sure yet what I want to do with it though!

Stuck in a rut for meals? Go check out the party at Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday series … lots of links to check out!

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