Frugal Activities #26

I am consolidating the past 2 weeks of stuff we’ve been doing as it’s been pretty busy around here, both at work and home …

Here are some of the Frugal Activities we’ve done the past 2 weeks …

1.  Hubby bought beer … the stuff with the blue mountains. Said he was not buying if not on sale. Ummm … He wanted to know if $13.99 for a 15 pk was good. Uh yeah. BUY BUY BUY is how I responded to his text. Good deal dude!

2.  We fed 8 total the previous Saturday night using stuff we had on hand. That’s pretty impressive if you think about it. Glad I stocked up on the bone in thighs last week at $1.59 a pound. Guess what? They are on sale this week for $1.29 a pound. Time to go buy more.

3.  Still working on the freezer inventory and keep hoping for time to add it to the Pantry Freezer page. I’m slightly embarrassed by how much food I really have and yet I still feel the need to go grocery shopping every week.

4.  Hosted a few friends last Sunday for a pool  float. Made it quite clear that I was NOT drinking or cooking on the grill. This was intended to be a 2 hour quick exposure to the sun and pool. Most of the girls behaved, we had a few who raided the beer fridge. Oh well. I should know better. A few others brought snacks to share all around. And then, I remembered in my inventory and organizing of the freezer we had a few frozen Pina Colada mixes … and, oh look, theres a bottle of coconut rum that one of you brought over before … so off we went to the Vitamix and ended the day with a round of pina coladas using what we had on hand.  Then Hubby decided to make some Orange Julius … sent the kids to the store for a few ingredients (!!) and that’s what we did Sunday night (just family and significant others). I will need to share the recipe for these as they were a big hit with all and somewhat healthy.

5.  Menu Planned again. No, we didn’t stick with it 100% but at least I had a plan which helps out at the end of the day! Made all lunches and dinners at home. All but TWO breakfast was at home. I didn’t post last weeks menu as time got away from me …

6.  Spent a grand total of $110 these past two weeks at the store. Made it a point to stay far far away from the stores.

7.  Went with a girlfriend to see Big and Rich the previous Thursday night. Free concert sponsored by a local country station and another family sponsor. It was ok. Free and a chance to spend some time with a friend. We took a small cooler with premixed Peach Seabreezes and a veggie platter. However, a bathroom break was needed and of course, we opted to have a few beers … got home later than I wanted, but didn’t spend too much money (heck, beers were $2.50 a bottle and we had buy one get ones!).

8.  Gave myself a manicure and pedicure … not spa-quality, but good enough for me.

9.  Got myself some new boxing gloves off amazon. Paid a total of 99 cents as I had $30 in giftcards lined up, thanks to Swagbucks!

And of course, full disclosure and some of our NOT so Frugal Activities:

1.  That Thursday night. I did stop in at Costco since I was seriously directly across the street. Ran in and out in 15 minutes, spent $65. Half of that was for towels and work out pants (which does not come off the food budget).

2.  Joined a gym. Not so sure if this falls in to a non frugal activity or not … $19.95 a month and I’m certainly ambitious enough to get my twenty bucks worth a month.

3.  Had the Tahoe detailed for $140. The did the leather and carpet too … we are getting ready to put it up for sale and well, lets face it, a clean car is nicer to sell 😉 A week later and we still have NOT listed it for sale … but it’s tucked away nice and snug in the garage.

4.  Stopped at liquor store for some wine to take to the meet and greet the girlfriend’s parents. Ummm, should have just stuck with the $30 bottle of chianti … but no, I saw the Santa Margharita and bought 2 of those too … $18 a bottle … AND of course, the 6 pk of corona and the small bottle of bourbon. Can’t go empty handed you know. Kept a bottle of SM at home for later enjoyment 😉

5.  Stopped at a favorite classic car bar after leaving the parents … spent about $40 between the 2 of us … Hubby tossed a $20 out and I did too … we had fun but again, way too late getting home.

And that’s all I can remember!!  Looking back at some of this stuff, I’m like DANG we drink a lot of booze! Not really, honestly!

Looking forward to sharing with Money Propeller and The Prudent Homemaker! Go check them both out!

1 thought on “Frugal Activities #26

  1. Dang, pina coladas by the pool sounds delightful. Good work laying down the law with your friends, that you aren't going to be providing food and bevvies! Heck, it's nice enough that you are providing the pool. It's all about the incremental changes like that, way to go.


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